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We Are Market Basket Management Research Paper Essay (Research Paper Sample)


You will need to have read We Are Market Basket in order to complete this homework assignment.
Arthur T. Demoulas has been called "the most beloved CEO in America".
What makes him such a good leader that his employees were willing to fight for him when he was ousted from his position (in spite of not having a steady stream of income while they did so)?
Please use examples in the "We Are Market Basket" book to illustrate your findings.
Papers should be 3 to 4 computer-generated pages double-spaced.


We Are Market Basket
Student’s Name
We Are Market Basket
Workers understandably protest for self-gratifying reasons such as better benefits, salary increments, and better working conditions. It is, however, unlikely for employees to protest for their boss or CEO to get back to work after a dismissal. Employees of Market Basket went to the street, and others downed their tools in objection to their CEO-Arthur T. Demoulas’s dismissal. Demoulas was the most liked CEO because his leadership and management skills were employee-centered and customer-oriented.
Demoulas cared so much about the customers and employees. During his time as the CEO, he created a peculiar emotional bond with the employees, thus fostering strong loyalty. Demoulas usually checked

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