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Business Management Self-Reflective Paper (Research Paper Sample)


You need to write a Management Self-Reflective Paper.


Management Self-Reflective Paper


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Management Self-Reflective Paper

My name is Emmanuel. I am from Angola and am 23 years old. I am an industrious person with experience as a musician and a business management student. My studies in business management have been imperative in all aspects of my life, including my development as a manager and responsible person within the community. Learning business management has opened up my mind to understanding the important process that determines the success of an enterprise or organization. It has offered me the tools to engage in strategic undertakings that are realistic and in line with the organizational goals. Management responsibilities are key in meeting the set goals in time and the quality required. I am confident that my industrious nature and the knowledge and skills I have in management will help me to secure a good job as well as engage in self-employment. The lectures and the reading I have done in and out of class has presented insightful encounters that are preparing me for my entrepreneurial endeavors. With these skills, I will be able to venture in different industries and remain a productive contributor in teams and in my business. As an entrepreneur, I will be able to identify the gaps in the market and lead teams to develop innovative products. As a manager in an organization, I will help my company to meet the competition in the modern business environment. Fundamentally, learning business management has made me a multipurpose individual, which makes me confident that I can work for a company and still be an entrepreneur. Although this might be a challenge, applying the strategic planning process in my private and work life can help me to deliver in all my responsibilities.

My experience in management classes and provisions from different literature sources I have read in the course of my college career, it is evident that as a manager, I have the responsibility to establish the right and important functions within my team. In this light, these functions should be guided by the objectives of the company. Suggestively, I should work to ensure that each

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