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Labeling (COOL, Gluten-free, GMOs) (Research Paper Sample)


Paper: Choose a subject that you are interested in with relevance to the class, i.e., fruits and vegetables.

Suggestions: Labeling (COOL, Gluten-free, GMOs), Answers To Food Insecurity in the US or another specific country, Answers for Meeting the Demand for Food and World Hunger, The Food Infrastructure/System of X, Y or Z country, Current Story on U.S. Farmers Markets, Political and/or social aspects of the coffee, banana, lettuce (or any other food) industry, etc. Cite any sources used (giving date of access for Web-based sources), USE SPELL-CHECK, and have someone proofread.


Labeling (Cool, Gluten-free and GMOs)

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Labeling (Cool, Gluten-free and GMOs)

The fruit and vegetable sector in the agricultural field in the United States of America has witnessed a recommendable increase in production. Several factors have contributed to the realized increase in the production of fruits and vegetables. Some of these factors range from the introduction of subsidies to farmers in the vegetable and fruits farming by the government, good farming methods and increased quality of seeds and seedlings that are resistant to diseases and harsh climatic conditions (Food & Drug Administration, 2013). Furthermore, the inception of technology in agriculture has inadvertently been the cornerstone for the revolution witnessed in fruit and vegetable production. Agribusiness has been necessitated by the employment of technological inventions and innovations that have rocked the agricultural industry. Significantly, technology has contributed to the production of genetically modified crops and foods, which have increased food security across the country in lieu of their unforeseen side effects. This paper gives an insight into the labeling of fruits and vegetables as cool, gluten free and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) by different companies to maintain healthy practices in feeding mannerisms. The characteristics used to label such foods will also be given consideration as well as the legal requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to get a label review.

COOL labeling is an acronym for the country of origin labeling. The legal regulations under this scope require retailers such as big grocery shops, supermarkets, and food warehouses to genuinely inform consumers of the original source of the food products they have in store. Several food products stored on the shelf by these retailers are of significant value to the consumers and if they fail to meet the minimum COOL labeling regulations, they can easily translate to foodborne diseases and complications (Arumugam et al., 2016). Examples of the food products covered by COOL laws and regulations are muscle cuts and ground meats: lamb, goat, and chicken; wild and farm-raised fish and shellfish; fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables; peanuts, pecans, and macadamia nuts; and ginseng. However, if these food products are ingredients for the processed food products stocked by retailers on the shelves, an exemption of this law is applied. Quite significantly, the COOL legislation prohibits restaurants, cafeteria and recreational areas like bars to sell already processed and prepared food to the public. Retailers have the essential weight of giving labels to buyers under the COOL law. Retailers are required to give the nation of origin, information on an unmistakable and noticeable sign on the food product itself, the packaging, the show, or the holding bin at the last point of offer to their perspective consumers (Arumugam et al., 2016). Retailers may likewise be required under the law to keep up records adequate to empower an inspector to decide and analyze the consistency followed by observation of the law. Providers to the last retailers are required to give important information on the country of origin to gu

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