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Improving Human Research Management (Research Paper Sample)


improve productivity (efficiency and effectiveness),
improve employee satisfaction with the quality of their work life,
improve the ability of the organization to revitalize and develop itself over time,
improve organizational processes and outputs, and
measure if your improvement efforts are successful.
In your explanation, do not simply state your opinion. Include researched evidence to show why your strategies and approaches will be effective.


Improving Human Research Management
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Improving Human Research Management
The Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) is a federal government agency that handles all Department of Defense civilian and military pay and allowances worldwide. The agency is critical in supporting the various agencies in the U.S. Founded in 1991, the agency has grown over the years to have more than 12,000 employees. In any organization, employees remain the most valuable asset. The human resource department has a responsibility of harnessing the potential of these workers. With such a large number of workforce, the human resource department of the agency needs to make improvements for the staff members.
The human resource department in DFAS has a responsibility to improve the productivity of the staff members. Organizational productivity depends largely on the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization (Bartuševičienė & Šakalytė, 2013). Efficiency related to how an organization is doing when it comes to the harnessing of resources, while effectiveness is an indication of how an organization fulfills the demands of the stakeholders. Motivating employees is an effective way of improving productivity. Employees who lack motivation do not have the enthusiasm to complete challenging tasks. The employees in DFAS will be more motivated if they know what they are expected to achieve. There is a need to state the goals clearly and have a vision that guides the staff members. This will guide the workers to work towards achieving a particular goal. The staff members will put more efforts to ensure that they meet their daily targets so that the organization ultimately achieves its goals.
The quality of the employee’s work life is critical in determining employee satisfaction. DFAS needs to put measures to ensure that the staff members have a quality life while in the organization. One way of improving the quality of life for the workforce is avoiding micromanaging the staff members (White, 2010). While DFAS is a critical agency in the U.S., the managers should avoid micromanaging the employees and instead offer them some freedom. Employees should have the freedom to think for themselves. Additionally, human resource should put measures to support the employees. Offering benefits like daycare and flexible hours will assist the staff members to concentrate more on their work. Such benefits will make the working environment employee-friendly and enhance the quality of life. When the staff members feel that the agency values them, they will work harder to achieve the goals of the agency. Another way of improving the quality of life in the workplace is by enhancing office comfort. The agency needs to enhance office comfort by improving the lighting, temperature and desk arrangement. Any form of discomfort is a distraction and takes away productivity and the overall job satisfaction of the workers. Ensuring that the workplace atmosphere is secure, clean and comfortable is an effective way of ensuring that staff members operate in a conducive environment.

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