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Analysis, Strategic Fit, and Balanced Scorecard. Dollar Shave Club (Research Paper Sample)


Please complete Section 1 and Section 2 using the same organization.
THE ORGANIZATION IS DOLLAR SHAVE CLUB, attached will be some of the resources I have on the company
Your submission should not exceed a total of three page, including the completed Balanced Scorecard template. Section 1 and Section 2 are each worth 2.5 out of the 5 total points that you can earn for this assignment.
You do not need to provide citations to any articles, books, websites, videos, or other sources that you used simply to learn more about the organization of your choice for this assignment.
Section 1: External Analysis, Internal Analysis, and Strategic Fit
For this exercise, please choose an organization of your choice. You will use the same organization for the entire homework assignment (Sections 1 and 2). The organization could be a current or former employer (all submissions will be considered confidential) or just an organization you are interested in. The organization may be a for-profit entity, not-for-profit entity, or a governmental entity.
Utilizing the skills that you have learned in class, please conduct an external analysis of the market/industry in which the organization operates as well as an internal analysis of firm’s core competencies. Then, please identify the best possible strategic fit between the external and internal analysis and how the company can best compete (for example: cost leadership, differentiation, cost leadership in one part of the business and differentiation in another part of the business, etc.)

Section 2: Balanced Scorecard
With this homework assignment, you have been provided a relatively simple, three-year Balanced Scorecard template that you should use to complete Section 2.
For the same organization that you examined in Section 1, please identify four broad management objectives that would dramatically enhance the efficiency/effectiveness of the organization. Type those in the four indicated spaces for objectives in the template.
Next, please break each objective into three specific, measurable initiatives that the organization could undertake to achieve the broader objective (You will have a total of twelve initiatives – three initiatives for each of the four objectives). Type the initiatives for each objective into the corresponding spaces in the template.
Finally, please determine what metric you could use to measure the progress of each initiative. Type each of the metrics into the appropriate spaces on the template.
The template is set up for you to set targets for each metric and compare those targets with the actual results achieved annually for three years. For this homework assignment, you DO NOT need to fill in target or actual values for each metric, for each year in the template. Please do not spend time researching target/actual values. This exercise is meant to teach you how to build a Balanced Scorecard.
please contact me if you have any questions


Dollar Shave Club
Institutional Affiliation
Dollar Shave Club is an American company that specializes selling and distributing of razors and other products that are used for grooming by use of mail such as, shower products. The management identifies external and internal environmental factors to the company. Firstly, the political factors which include government influence and other related organizations. For example, an increase in government support in the field of e-commerce which has an impact in increase in opportunities to generate more revenue by use of its online shopping store. Secondly, social and cultural factors such as increased in preference for quality products among consumers. Other external factors include ecology, technology and legal factors. On the other hand, internal factors include cost position in the market and the available opportunities that are as result of proper pricing, availability of threats and the level of competitive viability of the company.

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