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Exploring Organizational Best Practices of Architectural Firms (Research Paper Sample)


What I want to explore is Management structures of architectural firm, and hopefully understand and answer the following questions along the way
- What are the best practices for operating 3 different sized firm (local, national, international)
- which c-suite leadership structure bear the most fruit (studio design head &CEO v. multiple partner level principals)
- also to identify what are the proper metrics for defining success(revenue, recognition, number of offices, project on time completions, employee turnover, etc.)
- Can Design firms use office leadership structure from different industries and apply them to the firm?
- Can other businesses from outside industries apply some of the conventional architectural operation practices to become more effective?
Paper Technical requirements
Paper must have a title page with the title of the paper, and student’s name.
Following the title page must be an Abstract page.
Following the Abstract page will be the “body” of the paper.
Body of the paper should be 5 - 6 pages & not to exceed 8 pages (if possible).
Each page of the paper must be numbered as will be the bibliography page.
Paper must contain a Bibliography.
Re/citations, abstract, and bibliography style should be used/applied per the
American Psychological Association (APA).
5 “outside” sources at a minimum should be used to write the paper.
Paper should be double spaced, and a 12 font/type size should be used.


Exploring Organizational Best Practices of Architectural Firms
Author’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Architectural firms constantly evolve and work extraordinarily over the globe with significant management practices. The research magnificently determines the key management practices among architects to deal with organizational challenges and opportunities and in what way they adopt the organizational structure and leadership. As per the remarkable evaluation about the architectural firms’ management, it understands that decentralization structure and multiple partner-level leadership are the most suitable pattern in the modern era to be innovative. Additionally, the lead and lag performance indicators work tremendously to enhance effectiveness and productivity.
Exploring Organizational Best Practices of Architectural Firms
With globalization and advanced societies, architectural firms grow their importance in the modern era. Architectural firms effectively work on the management practices to ensure the improvement in the quality, design, and significant accomplishment of the project. Further, architectural firms evolve with time and adopt innovative technologies to construct, design, and implement exceptional projects (Alharbi, Emmitt & Demian, 2015). Hence, the identification of best management practices in architectural firms is the great need for modern architects to advance their skills for attaining the desired objectives.
In this manner, the paper highlights the best management practices and structure for three different sized firms’ local; Laney La, national; Gensler, and international; Nikken architectural firms. The research expressively identifies the pattern of management by considering those firms' practices and the focus on the C-Suite leadership model to define the authority of the workplace. Moreover, the paper examines the cross implementation of architectural management practices on other sector or vice versa to augment the opportunities for business. The report also concerns the performance evaluation metrics to maintain organizational productivity and performance.
Management Structures of Architectural Firm
Management structure plays the cognitive role in the organization’s success because it influences the performance of the individuals and supports them in understanding the work-relationship, management pattern and communication channel in a firm. According to the case of architectural firms, management primarily focuses on the distribution of authority and prefers to adopt product-based division to deal with the individual project or product for constant quality management and effective attainment of the desired outcomes. However, it varies in case of environmental influences (Oluwatayo, & Amole, 2014). Therefore, an architectural firm primarily focuses on decentralization approach to be more efficient.
In the case of the Lanay La, the organizational structure is the flat organizational structure because they promote integrated teamwork on high priority and the manager to lead the team meritoriously (Lanay La, 2019). On a national level, Gensler, an architectural firm in the US concentrates on advanced creativity and innovation, which can only achieve through the decentralization approach. Thus, Gensler encourages each employee to participate actively in managing projects and create productive results like the Shanghai tower in China. The incredible creativity is the actual vision of the Gensler’s management and all the practices work substantially towards the development of innovation facilities in a firm to be extravagant in dealing with creative ideas and designs (Cohen, 2019) According to the Nikken Sekkie, the Japanese...

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