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Dream Job (Research Paper Sample)


Any field in Aviation management at ATLAS AIR
Research Paper: Your Dream Job
Think about your dream job. After completing your degree at Vaughn what is your ideal dream job you would like to get? For this assignment you are required to research different companies you would like to apply to (after graduation) that your skills and education will best match to. Pick one company you would be interested in applying for and do research how you can land that job. Below are requirements (but not limited to) that should be included in your paper.
Part 1
• Go to the Library and use the different resources available to look up information on the Company you selected.
• Discuss the different types of opportunities that are available in the company relating to your field of study.
• Discuss the educational and/or work experience needed to get into the company you picked.
• Do a SWOT Analysis on a job within this Company (pick position relating to your field of study):
Strengths: What are the strengths of working for this company (what makes the company great. Good qualities of the position)?
Weaknesses: What are some of the down side (weaknesses) to this job in the company (the bad qualities of the position)?
Opportunities: What are some opportunities getting into this position? Into the Company?
Threats: What are some of the dangers that can happen in this job/position?
Part 2
• Discuss the academic requirements you need to meet in order to graduate from Vaughn College in your program.
• You completed the Degree Audit where you saw all the courses needed in your program; what academic course(s) do you think will help you land a job within this Company?
• Based on the information you found on the company, what are your action plan to ensure you are ready upon graduation to land ‘the job’ within this company?
Microsoft Word, Minimum four (4) pages (does not include cover page, abstract, or work cited page), 12 size Times New Roman font, double space, APA format.


Dream Job
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Dream Job
The company selected was ATLAS AIR, in the city of New York in United States of America. some of the opportunity related to my course of study include; manager crew training, manager IT operations, senior manager enterprise solutions, human resource manager and global talent acquisition manager. The career chose is a manager crew training and the work experience required is minimum of five years in airline crew scheduling and crew member training records. The educational knowledge required is aeronautical information management system, knowledge on Federal aviation regulations as they relate to crew member training and regulations of records. The other educational requirement is knowledge of advanced qualification program.
Strengths of A Crew Manager at Atlas Air Company
There are some benefits of working as a crew manager at Atlas Air company, include well paid monthly salary that average from $43K-$71K, there is an inclusion of bonus of $2500 and a profit sharing on $1400. With this kind of payment, one can survive well due to the rising living standards that is experienced worldwide. There is free travel around the world. This include countries like Germany, Australia and Europe. The company has good retaining employee skills meaning that once you secure a job its hard for the company to let go of someone.
Weakness of A Crew Manager at Atlas Air Company
The Atlas Air Company pays below other airlines, this is because the management worries more about their payment and the stock price of the company than the well-being of the crew. The company is majorly under staffed due to pay issues. There are no benefits for periodic positions. The company has communications issues between departments. The staff are overworked because they work 12hours shift which is against the labor act which states that employees are to work for 8hours maximum on a daily basis.
Opportunity of A Crew Manager at Atlas Air Company
Some of the opportunities of working at Atlas Air Company include basic life insurance, vacation payments; there is a comprehensive medical cover and insurance prescription plan. There is free ticket price for an employee and his family. Discount on air tickets is also guaranteed for the employee and his or her immediate family while travelling with other airlines. According to bureau labor statistics show that crew member of a flight makes up 33% of transportation and they include pilots and flight attendants. (U.S gvt print, 1965)
Threats of A Crew Manager at Atlas Air Company
The threats of working at atlas air company include a turn in the global economy which means that if there is a decline in the economy whereby few people are likely to travel for leisure during the holiday seasons hence low income for

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