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Research Paper. Evaluating Cyber Security and Risk Management (Research Paper Sample)


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Evaluating Cyber Security and Risk Management
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Technology can be considered as a discovery and use of the wheel of the century. This is relative to the impact that it has had on the society. More importantly, this is an innovation that has impacted almost all areas of the economy, social and even cultural processes. Over the years, technology has brought about innovations that make life much easier at every level of interaction. Whether using technology for communication, transportation, and even production among others, the impacts are subtle. One of the areas where technology has enhanced with subtle applications in almost all areas of the economy and social interactions is through the development of computers. These are systems that have virtually taken on over the entire economy (Galinec, Možnik & Guberina, 2017). The use of a computer while may be taken for granted by many is a subtle application and one that makes an immense number of operations swift and efficient. However, there are risks associated with the use of computers in virtually all areas of production; these are in the form of malicious programs. Hackers in the black hat lane understand the impact that computers have on the economy. Using computer programs that are designed with malicious intents, they can take charge of the computer resources and more importantly access information on databases for profit or malice. There is a variety of malicious programs that are used to attack computers at various levels (Sharkasi, 2015). There are those that are targeted at personal computers, organizational computers, organizational networks, government servers and networks among others. In all of these systems, there are various levels of attacks and programs that are used to access the information on them and resources. 

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