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Annotated Bibliography Literature & Language Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Hi dear,
This is a research inquiry project it has 3 parts and different deadlines, so I want to write the first part for now.
the first part is called annotated bibliography which includes 3 parts ( A,B AND C).
I'm going to send you 1. list of topics that u can choose from (I prefer multiculturalism because it is easier).
2. the project itself that includes rubric and it explains the 3 parts that needs to be done
3. I'm going to send an example as well.
lastly I want to mention that this is an ESL course ( English as a second language) so I don't want you to use big words.
and please pay attention to 3 sources because one need to be government, one news or newspaper article and one peer-reviewed article found from York University Library. ( which you can find online by going to their website).


Annotated Bibliography
Students Name
Institutional Affiliation
The importance of accommodating other cultures in Canada
Research topic: Multiculturalism: issues in Canada
Tentative thesis statement: accommodating multiculturalism is Canada would result in the development of a humanistic society whose positive traits benefit all citizens
Annotated bibliography
CBC News (2015, November 16) Sask. prepares for 2,000 Syrian refugees in 45 days, while Premier Wall calls for a pause.
The article outlines how the community of Saskatchewan was preparing to accommodate more than 2000 refugees. Normally, the community used to accommodate only 600 refuges, but plans were underway to increase the number of refugees that could settle in that region. The refugee agency in Saskatchewan claimed that the plan was doable. Despite the challenges that the refugees might face since they would want assistance with everything, the local government is willing to provide the necessary resources to facilitate the newcomers stay.

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