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Congress Overturning of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services Alaska Wildlife Refuges Hunting Rule (Research Paper Sample)


As noted in the course syllabus, students are to write and submit for evaluation a 15-20 page research paper on a topic to be provided by the course instructor. The options for analysis are listed below. Beyond describing and analyzing the politics of their chosen topic (see below), students will use their findings to confirm or critique one of the frameworks for analysis featured in the class.One of the most helpful ways to proceed, given the above, is to think of your paper as making and supporting a very clear thesis. For example, The incremental model best explains the politics of the Blackfoot Clearwater Stewardship Act. Alternatively, The politics of the Blackfoot Clearwater Act clearly demonstrate the limits, flaws, shortcomings, etc. of the interest group model. A thesis statement of this sort, in addition to being clear, will help you structure and organize your paper. That is to say, write your sections so that each one contributes to a demonstration of your thesis. This kind of focus will help guard against rambling or including material that does not seem to make a point. How do you describe and analyze the politics of your topic? Consider the following kinds of questions:  What is the environmental issue?  Why and how did it become an issue?  What is the political challenge related to the environmental issue?  Who are the key actors?  What are the key policies, laws, institutions, or processes involved?  What interests were involved and what were they doing?  What were the results of the policy, ruling, or action at hand?  With respect to the involved actors and/or interests, who gained, who did not? please use good resources such as .gov .org


Congress Overturning of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services Alaska Wildlife Refuges Hunting Rule
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Congress Overturning of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services Alaska Wildlife Refuges Hunting Rule
Alaska wildlife has a number of positive values to the state. However, with an increase in population not only in the state but across the country and living standards, the human needs such as land have expanded as well. This may increase the potential conflicts between humans and wildlife. This paper analyzes the potential impacts of the rule in Alaska and possible alternatives for wildlife management between the state and federal governments. The proponents of overturning the rule cite various allegations surrounding the economy of the state as well as the relationship between wildlife management between the state and federal managers. On the other side, the opponents argue that the state wants to illegally manage wildlife in the state. The major aim of the rule was to reduce predation and hunting of wildlife species that requires protection.
One of my tasks as a student according to the syllabus is to write and submit a research paper on a topic that is provided by the instructor. The provided topic is “Congress Overturning of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services Alaska Wildlife Refuges Hunting Rule”. Therefore, I have spent some of my time to research on historical issues surrounding the rule in Alaska. Therefore, to complete my research, I had analyzed some of the historical laws and regulations governing Fish and Wildlife management on national refuges in Alaska. Through my analysis, I can argue that it is correct to conclude that the controversial issue in Alaska in regard to the National Wildlife Refuge hunting and fishing rule is more of a social one than environmental due to the “dual management” system in the State.
Having considered all the available evidence, especially from the proponents of overturning the rule, it is evident that this rule has undermined the American Constitution, the economy and the rights of the Alaskan residents. According Kevin McCarthy, this rule had massively restricted the rights of Alaskan hunters threatening the economy and residents of Alaska. Based on the Statistics provided by the Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation, more than 125,000 Alaskan residents engage in hunting practices, which are responsible for the generation of more than $439 million economic activities and 5,950 jobs. However, despite the fact that this rule impacts Alaska only, if possible measures of overturning the rule could not have been taken, soon or later the federal bureaucratic power bud could have eventually been extended to other states hurting the economy of the whole country. The most affected actors of these rules were the subsistence hunters of Alaska who relied on hunting not only for food, but also for economic purposes to boost their survival. Therefore, overturning the rule largely benefits these hunters as well as the Alaskan State as it assumes its sovereign
Across the globe, hunters are restricted from hunting by various animal-rights associations and rules that have condemned the killing of animals and describing the act as inhumane. However, besides them being caught off-balance, hunters have always found their way into hunting again through counter-offensive measures or overturning of the rules. The recent scenario is the overturning of the National Wildlife Refuge Hunting and Fishing Rule in Alaska.
The proponents of this action argue that hunting is not only a cherished and a spiritual American culture, but also an economic development and effective wildlife management tool. As the hunting debate in Alaska co...

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