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Variables and Attributes. Mental Health Impacting Juvenile Offenders Recidivism (Research Paper Sample)


My research "Does mental health impact juvenile offenders recidivism. This is Criminal Justice Research class
Before writing the hypotheses and conceptual definitions in your research project it is usually a good idea to create a variables list. Placing all of your variables and their attributes in one place helps you keep track of them over the course of your research. More importantly, this exercise helps to identify duplication and gaps in your measurement.
Remember, attributes are the different characteristics or values that a variable can take on. Attributes must be exhaustive (include all possible attributes) and mutually exclusive (there should be no area of overlap between attributes). For example, in Learning About Religious Preference, With a Little Help from Our Friends (p. 173)
A researcher attempts to develop a set of attributes for the variable “religious preference.”
The researcher learns that this is much more difficult than anticipated.
Eventually, the researcher learns that knowledge of the variable (in this case, the differences between religious preferences) is essential to developing an exhaustive and mutually exclusive set of attributes.
list the attributes, level of measurement (nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio), and classification (independent, dependent, intervening) for each of the variables you intend to gather during your research project.


Mental Health Impacting Juvenile Offenders Recidivism
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Does mental health impact juvenile offenders’ recidivism? According to Sheilagh Hodgins, the juvenile justice system (youth correction facilities, probation, and detention) has been constantly facing issues due to lack of reliable mental health assessments, treatment services or medications for the youth. Previously, it used to emphasize the right and need of juvenile males and females over their request to not punish them. However, today, the goal of the juvenile justice system is not restricted to their appeals. Instead, it emphasizes on the provision of quality care and immediate medical assistance in case of a physical or mental disorder (Hodgins, 2014).

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