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The Spanish and the New World (Research Paper Sample)


Research Paper Unit 1

Discuss the explorations of the Spanish and the reasons they had for coming to the New World. Why did it take them so long to get here?  What political, economic, and technological developments made Spanish exploration possible?

This paper must be a complete essay and have a title page, one full page of researched text, and a works

cited page with three historically appropriate sources listed. This is a total of three pages! Use a 12

point font, Times New Roman, and double line spacing for this work.

With a powerful thesis statement.




The Spanish and the new world
The Spanish and the new world
Thesis statement: although the Spanish came to discover the New World much later than the Portuguese, their great wealth helped them form a very big foreign territory.
A significant person in the record of Spanish explorations was Christopher Columbus. After being abandoned by the Portuguese, he asked Queen Isabella of Spain to fund his team, which reached the Americas in 1492. He surveyed the coastline of Cuba and the northern shores of the nearby islands of Hispaniola. Columbus thought he had arrived in Asia so he sought in vain to find a way through the outer islands to the Asian mainland. In the course of his explorations, he came across major islands of the Caribbean, which he named the Indies, as well as Honduras in Central America. Other explorers discovered he had found other new boundaries (Vess, 2006). Other explorers, supported by their government, joined the trip to what European began to call the new world.
The Spanish army destroyed the most crowded islands and damaged the strongest empires of the New World, dispatched huge quantities of stolen goods back to the Old, gave way for other European empires to come and take control, leading to the death of local people. The arrival of Columbus in the Caribbean in 1492, led to more invasions. In 20 years, the islands of Hispaniola, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and Cuba were controlled by the Spanish. The invasion of Mexico from 1519 and Guatemala, caused more looses to the larger population, and in some islands the population became instinct (Kiernan, Ben (2007).
Reasons for coming to the new world
Juan Ponce de Leon explored Puerto Rico after he heard that he could find gold there. He established the oldest settlement there, the city of Caparra. He later explored an island called Bimini after hearing its waters were rejuvenating to people. Balboa was the first European to discover the existence of the Pacific Ocean. He got the chance to see the Pacific after he was taken away as a stowaway on a voyage to a colony in Columbia. After their arrival, they formed a settlement. Later in 1513, Balboa was made governor of the colony. He went to sea...
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