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Research Paper: Support Of Kids With Special Needs (Research Paper Sample)


Research Paper: Support Of Kids With Special Needs


Research Paper
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Research Paper
New Jersey board of education has been a team leader in support of kids with special needs. For instance, the 2004 federal individuals with disabilities education act and New Jersey administrative code for special education [N.J.A.C. 6A:14] are laws that have been enacted to ensure youngsters with debilities have a free and appropriate education in a favorable environment (New Jersey Department of Education, 2010). Additionally, the rules provide parents and guardians with the right to participate in their kids’ education. This includes initiatives like referrals that are helping in identifying special needs case and also calls for action. Besides, the board has enhanced civic education on caring for the needy people. A step that will enhance a study environment for special needs students.
On the other hand, Jersey City’s board of education has established strong policies and a program framework to enhance control, remediation, and prevention of harassment, intimidation, and bullying (Model Policy, 2011). A good example is the anti-bullying bill of rights act which was passed on 2011 to strengthen the fight against school bullying. The law compels the board to facilitate its implementation and guidance to parents, school staff, and students on how to face this issue. To enhance the education of parents and school workers on handling bullying NJ department of education developed guidelines. For instance, we have guidance for parents on the anti-bullying bill of right act and guidance for schools on implementing the anti-bullying bill of rights act (Model Policy, 2011). The parents’ guide defines bullying and terms in the law. It goes further illustrating what stakeholders should do to prevent these illicit behaviors.
The schools' guide demonstrates what should be done by the school management to stop bullying. It also defines bullying and provides a framework to be adopted in fighting bullying. For instance, the act demands the appointment of district anti-bullying coordinator who is charged with the responsibilities of coordinating and strengthening anti-bullying policies. He also reports to NJ department of education matters concerning bullying. School principals also appoint anti-bullying specialist (Model Policy, 2011). The specialist is charged with the responsibility of leading the school safety team and investigation of bullying incidents and is the school official responsible for pinpointing, addressing and preventing bullying. The guideline necessitates the formation of the school safety team. The duty of the team is to identify and address patterns of bullying in school. It is also charged with the responsibility of educating the community.
Besides, the board has established bullying prevention programs and approaches, which are reviewed annually by parents, volunteers, students, law enforcement officials and school staff (Model Policy, 2011). Some of these initiatives include the HIB instruction, professional development training, and week of respect, internet information and bullying prevention fund. All these initiatives aim to develop and maintain a positive study environment by eradicating bullying and related illicit behaviors. Lastly, the board has laid a foundation for a continuous bullying prevention effort; there is no end date for this unlawful conduct. Besides, it has enhanced public education on the impact of bullying on students. Perhaps this will motivate the school staff, parents, and students in their effort of fighting bullying.
The Effectiveness of School-Based Anti-Bullying Programs
The aim of the study is to evaluate the success of school-based anti-bullying programs. However, it starts by illustrating bullying and goes further stating the anti-bullying programs before assessing the...
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