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Social Media and the effects it has on landing a job (Research Paper Sample)


The purpose of the Week 5 Final Argument Paper assignment is to compose an argument that is clearly focused, fully developed, supported with research, and logically organized. The paper should convey your claim regarding your chosen topic and provide supporting research to assist your reader in understanding your argument. The paper should be formatted according to APA guidelines and should utilize appropriate academic language. You may use the Reference and Citation Generator to assist you with creating and finalizing your in-text citations and reference page.
Review the feedback you received on the content of your paper from your Week 3 Argument Paper Rough Draft assignment, along with the feedback you received on the formatting of your paper from your Week 4 Argument Paper Revised Rough Draft assignment. Incorporate the feedback into your final paper, and make any necessary revisions.
Write your Final Argument Paper using the APA Paper Template. Your final paper should be 700 to 1,050 words in length.
Ensure that your final paper includes the following:
An APA-formatted title page
An introduction paragraph with a thesis statement that clearly states your argument.
APA-formatted level 1 headings for each main topic
A topic sentence to begin each paragraph under each main topic
No more than three to five instances of paraphrased or directly quoted material integrated throughout the paper, followed by the appropriate APA-formatted citation
Conclusion paragraph
An APA-formatted reference page with a reference listing for a minimum of three peer-reviewed sources
Upload your completed Final Argument Paper to WritePoint® powered by Grammarly® and the Plagiarism Checker. Review and apply any recommended changes.
Refer to the Final Argument Paper Grading Guide for additional details on how this assignment is graded.
Submit your initial Plagiarism Checker report results along with your Final Argument Paper to the Assignment Files tab.


Social Media’s Effects on Landing A Job
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According to Marielle Kelly, social media dramatically impacts the way we look for jobs. In recent years, the use of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have increased by job-seekers who claim that it is too easy to get in touch with potential clients and company representatives through social media platforms. Not only social networking sites but also Google and other search engines are used by employers to be assured of your legitimacy as an employee. It hints that they are genuinely interested in your profile and may hire you in the next step. These days, hundreds to thousands of graduates and postgraduates across the globe use social networking websites to apply for multiple jobs (Kelly, 2016).

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