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How Does Social Media Affect On Health Support? (Research Paper Sample)


This is a research paper, I have already wrote about 1000 words, I need you to help me continuing writing my essay write up to about 2500 words and also edit of what I have wrote please. The essay needs 10 resources total.


Social Media and Healthcare ServicesNameInstitutional AffiliationDate
Social Media and Healthcare Services
Social media is the largest means of communication. Social media includes platforms such as Facebook, What's up, or Twitter. It is one of the most popular communication tools in today's society. By using these tools, people can post their thoughts and daily lives, and share them with the world. Since Social media is so powerful and convenient, we can use it to make an effective impact on our health and body wellness. Social media is not only for communication but also can be a very useful source to have a sufficient impact on health support.
Social media is a good way of spreading information and news to the world. It is efficient, convenient and sometimes reliable. The definition of social media is a primary staple of communication. When social media is involved in health support, it provides the resource for help. Social media offers different routes to those people who is suffering from health problems. Social Media may not be the usual avenue for accessing help, but it offers more than one lifeline to those suffering from mental health problems. It can help to support groups, answer questions, provide counseling, and offer a route to diagnosis (Davies). Through social media like Facebook or Twitter can easily get in touch with the people in the world. Patients can post their experience on Facebook. Everyone can see their situation and give suggestions to the patient.
Many of the patients share their thoughts and situation on social media. Those people who are willing to share are more likely to trust other patients on social media. Patients, who are already active social media users, consider themselves part of a tribe and tend to trust others on social media more than other sources CITATION Ama12 \l 1033 (Amalia & Catherine, 2012). It only makes sense that they will use social media to connect with each other to share their experiences with both rare and common disease and health issues. (Belbey). Patients use social media to communicate with other patients in the world. Social media provides a current stage. On this stage, patients can ask questions about a certain disease or any other matters, and their question can be

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