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Self-Estrangement Pattern Within Microaggressions (Research Paper Sample)


please strictly follow the rubric and the format of sample paper!!! This is an APA format research paper, and I am asked to follow the format and organization of the OWL sample paper. my research is based on six articles related to microaggressions, the first one is sue et al., and the second one is a little trivial, it is wong's review based on Sue et al., he analyzes Driscoll's and Sue's in one table to show Sue's concept apply to both articles, so the citation could be confusing.
I have already completed the research paper, but I need to polish it, make the organization clear and logic flow fluent. Please refer to the format and samples I have attached other than my research paper draft.
I didn't write the abstract so please write that for me,and I provide the format and organization reference in the files.


Self-Estrangement Pattern within Microaggressions
Shenyi Yu
Lehigh University
Racial microaggression is a problem that is increasingly being experienced in the current society, having replaced the explicit humiliation on the black community that was common in the past. Racial microaggressions can be defined as the minor indignities that commonly occur, whether behavioral, verbal, or environmental, and may be either intentional or unintentional. Studies done Sue et al. (2008) indicate that there are three different types of racial microaggressions and all of them are related to various dilemmas experienced by the victims. Research shows that with higher level of social well-being or educational level, black people encounter more white-predominant environment with more microaggressions, and thus are more negatively impacted by microaggressions. Microaggressions also worsen the level of anxiety. The scope of the paper includes the different forms of dilemmas associated with racial microaggressions. Also examined is how various social and environmental factors contribute to worsening cases of racial microaggressions. The results show that microaggression tends to worsen the problem of self-estrangement, especially when the affected individuals are unable to effectively handle the impacts. In conclusion, the paper finds that racial microaggressions have a negative impact on the physical and psychological health of the affected individuals, resulting to self-estrangement.
Keywords: Racial microaggression, self-estrangement, physical and psychological health.
Self-Estrangement Pattern within Microaggressions
The time when black people would be explicitly humiliated and physically beaten has gone. Instead, in present time, racial microaggressions is replacing, but not deleting racial assaults with its “brief and commonplace daily verbal, behavioral and environmental indignities” (Sue et al., 2008, p. 273). In the scholarly article entitled “Racial Microaggressions in Everyday Life—Implications for Clinical Practice," Sue et al. categorize racial microaggressions into three different types. More importantly, the scholars also propose four dilemmas within interpreting microaggressions that hinder people from understanding the context of people of different ethnic groups. Microaggressions include acts or words against black people that develop stress and worsen three fields of life, including physical health, level of well-being, and people's psychology.
Most of the time, readers have an impression of microaggressions only at conversational occasions, and because it is micro, it is not severe. However, research that uncovers the increasing impact of microaggressions in a more educational environment suggests that readers refresh their knowledge on this subject. The aim is to discover the severity of microaggressions, to explore how the issue affects black people negatively from the interpreting pattern, and how further studies could resolve the issue and cure the related injuries. Sufficient experiments are found to examine the extent of the problem, and some discuss coping methods to lessen the harm after microaggressions have influenced the recipient (Sue et al., 2008). Although scholars put many efforts into reviewing interactions with microaggressions and practices to reduce their effects, their inconspicuousness promotes their existence anywhere in daily life, where people are not quite aware of them. Hence, people are hurt and confused by the issue, but few people decide to point it out and solve the problem.
To summarize, this paper develops a pattern within four interpretation dilemmas of microaggressions, which include perception of microaggressions, unintentional racist ten...

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