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Results Of The Implicit Association Test (Research Paper Sample)


Provide the title of the first assessment you took and a copy of the results/ explanation given to you by project implicit. I need copy's sent to me all of the tests.
Analyze your results in critical thinking. Go on the premise that the results are accurate. Remember this assessed unconscious thoughts no time to think so an innate response. After reflections on why your results are the way they are even if you don't agree on the report and explain the insights, you have gained from this specific assessment and how you may apply it to personal growth. It must be unique and personal to you.


IAT Results
(Student's name)
Literature and Language
(Institutional affiliation)
IAT Results
After taking the tests, I can say that the results are accurate because I answered right away based on what came to my mind while associating the given words under specific categories. While answering the test, I did not feel uncomfortable with the questions because I really do not have any preference between the gay community, straight people, young and old because they all have an equal place in society. Furthermore, the questions do not give a person a lot of time to think that is close to none so whatever the results are, I believe they are 100% accurate. The arrangement of the questions made me think that I am being tricked, and I tried to outsmart them by giving a little time for my answers. However, the test still managed to give me the right answer. There are questions in the last part of the test that are pretty straightforward and if answered honestly, you will have a concrete idea of what the result will be.
I answered mostly strong to the questions I agree on and they were all based on my insights and beliefs. I did not see the point in giving false answers because the test is supposed to help a person find out what their unconscious preference is. Furthermore, I think that more people should be like me because the gay community deserves to be treated with dignity and not be ostracized because they are also contributors to society. It also shows them that if they are accepted, they will have more chances in the thriving world and their talents will be showcased even more. I have a firm belief that this part of the population is not yet fully explored by the haters because based on my experience, the gay and lesbian friends that I have are very positive people. Being considered as the minority group gives them a lot of backbone and determination to succeed. In addition, my relatives who belong to this community are great aunts and uncles to their nieces and nephews because they have excellent values.
I also do not believe that they are immoral because if a person falls in love, it is with who the person is. It is not specific to their gender because those who are not discriminating against the gay community will love a person no matter who they are. I have seen gay couples succeed as much as their heterosexual relatives and/or friends because they also work hard for everythi

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