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How Religion, Pop Culture, and Media impacts Fashion (Research Paper Sample)


How Religion, Pop Culture, and Media impacts Fashion
The topic I want to focus on is fashion and how fashion has an impact on pop culture, media and religion as well as vice versa.
Although if you can focus on 2 out of the 3 options if you feel you're able to write about it. 
Example things to talk/write about:
Fashion can be seen as a religion for millions of people. Voue magazines, Runway and so forth can seen as the bible.
Media has an impact on fashion, it's the door way for us to see it throught out phones, tablets, and labtops.
Pop culture is everything, what we wear, what we say, teens, people and so forth impacts fashion just like fashion impacts us. 
Commodification of religiosity or spirituality in (or as) popular culture.
- This project will be a short research paper based on the deeper understanding of the construction of spirituality or religiosity along with commodification of popular culture. This paper will give you an opportunity to explore in depth one particular aspect or questions of the Influence of the entertainment and commodification aspects inherent in American media on the religious experience. This paper will involve three parts.
- Introduction: a brief introduction into your topic, what your specific contribution was to the discussion of the class, and then the specific research question you are exploring in your paper. 
- Literature Review: a written narrative reviewing 6+ scholarly sources that you have used to help address your research question. This will involve a summary of each source highlighting how it informed your thinking about your questions and followed by a summary section which highlights the common themes and findings of previous research on this question.
- Reflection: an analysis of a specific example that helps you reflect on and explore in a concrete way your research question. Your description of this example should lead to critical reflection on how your analysis compliments or challenges the research on your question and what answer it reveals. This section should end with reflection of what your research and paper teaches you about mass media's engagement with religion


How Religion, Pop Culture and Media Impacts Fashion
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How Religion, Pop Culture, and Media Impacts Fashion
Fashion can be anything from how one chooses to dress to how they communicate and generally go about their lives. Fashion embraces hairstyles, beauty, accessories, body art and clothing. It can be described as a form of speech since what people wear and when and how they wear it gives other people a chance to know their social situation or preference at that particular moment. For many years, societies and individuals alike have used clothe and other body accessories and art to communicate, albeit non-verbally, about their gender, social status, role set, occupation, wealth, culture, sexual availability, locality and their ranks. Fashion is therefore used as a language to express the identity of an individual and the society at large. Fashion can be used to pass a message about an individual in a rapid manner to an observer. Accordingly, the paper will discuss how fashion has an impact on pop culture, the media and religion as well how the media, religion and pop culture impacts fashion.
The impact of religion on fashion and vice versa
Religion can be loosely defined as the set of beliefs shared by a group of people that primarily concerns the nature and purpose of the universe which usually contains a code of morality that governs how that group of people conduct themselves. Religion can be used to influence fashion as illustrated through body art such as cross tattoos that were popular a few years back. Fashion designers also use religion as a source of inspiration as seen on the runway designs of Dolce and Gabbana for Fall 2013 ready to wear collection (Hume, 2013). Religion also determines what people wear such as the habits of nuns and the abayas and kaftans for Muslim women.
Religious groups and organizations use dressing as a form of identifying themselves. Dressing, in this perspective, is used to address how the followers of these religions groom themselves, their body adornments and the clothes they wear dressing among religious organizations can serve as a means of non-verbal communication for attributes such as gender and the position a person holds in that particular religion. (Hume, 2013).
Clothing in religion can either be classified as sacred or secular. In most situations, sacred clothing is usually the clothes that have meaningful value to their beliefs and customs and relate to power and gender. A good example is the dressing of the Catholic priests, bishops, and the nuns. The difference in their modes of dressing helps one to identify them by their gender and the religious position they hold. Some religions also have regulations about the way they wear their hair as it is regarded as a sexual symbol. This is the reason why some monks, nuns, and priests may cut their hair as a sign that they are giving up worldly pleasures (Barker, 2001).
Sacred dressings such as beards, hats, aprons, bonnets and head coverings for the Amish and the Mennonites and the burqa and hijabs for Muslim women are usually used to easily identify and distinguish these groups from other groups around them. Other religions may have undergarments that they consider sacred and are used to affirm the commitment that they have to their religion.
Dressing can also be used to sustain the traditions and customs of a religious organization and in the process provide a foundation for identity, visually, for the members. Religion and fashion seem to collide as fashion is dynamic while religious dressing can remain relatively unchanged for decades or even centuries. This slow change or none at all can be attributed to the fact that religions, in most cases, tend to res...

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