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POLICE BRUTALITY. Background of the Law. Penalty Guidelines (Research Paper Sample)


Write a 2 page typed double space (excluding reference cover page) research paper on any of the 10 subject areas and how the laws apply. Provide a background of the law, penalty guidelines, why you are support or oppose this law, should the law be modified, in your opinion, is the law discriminatory, do you believe the law benefits individuals/communities; support your position, eite examples, and inco rporate any other information along with our opinion. THE ONE THAT I PICK IS *POLICE BRUTALITY* so do it about police Brutality please.
Here are some guidelines that will be used to evaluate your essay.
Please use them to help prepare our response to the question
1. Knowledge of the topic Demonstrates a complete and accurate understanding of the topic
2 Analysis and Critical Evaluation - Makes connections between important legal concepts and case position clements
3. Use of Evidencc points with references to the text or case
4. Quality of Writing - Paper is organized; paragraphs contain single main idea, flows together logically student's ideas are incorporated into the assignment -Sentences are clear, concise and correct grammar used
The paper you write should be a cited, scholarly essay using APA format There should be cover page and a reference page The text should be Times New Roman, font size 12, black. One inch around the border The paper should contain an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. lHint. The introduction states your thesis (position or paragraphs to include a main idea, which is then developed or illustrated by support evidenice. The conclusion is a restatement of your thesis the purpose of the paper. Organize your body. Paragraph to include a main idea which is then developed or illustrated by support evidence . The conclusion is a restatement of your thesis.


Police Brutality
Student’s Name
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Police Brutality
Background of the Law
Police brutality is the unwarranted use of physical force by the members of the police force on the citizens of a nation. According to Alang, McAlpine, McCreedy, and Hardeman (2017), police brutality started a long time ago when governments began creating law enforcement. Cooper, Fullilove, Thomas, Boufford, Talukder, and McGregor (2016), assert that poor training, racial discrimination in the society, and the kind of individuals that the division of police choose to work with as law enforcement personnel cause the police brutality.

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