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Police brutality is a social problem. Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Select a current rhetorical dilemma from pop culture or current events.
Write a 5–7 page research paper through which you apply the critical reasoning to analyze and explain it. In your paper, you will:
Introduce and fully elaborate on the topic you have selected.
Provide a summary of situation by giving relevant background to establish the context.
Provide a balanced discussion of both sides of the issue:
Determine what argument is being made. What are we supposed to conclude about this situation?
Choose 3–5 examples of rhetorical devices discussed in class, which apply to the way in which the situation is presented by the media to the public on both sides. Provide an example and explanation of each rhetorical device. Strive for a balanced discussion of language, arguments presented, and evidence used to support an argument (formally or informally).
A discussion of the gatekeepers influence on the way in which the audience understands the situation.
A discussion of biases (cultural and personal) that influence the way in which the audience interprets the situation.
A discussion of at least 3 fallacies that are used. Define and discuss.
An analysis of how a critical thinker should approach interpreting and using the information available regarding the situation to make an informed decision or form an informed opinion.
Note: This is not an opinion paper. You are not stating whether or not you agree or disagree with a position; rather, you are presenting both sides of the issue, analyzing the rhetoric use, and determining what a critical thinker needs to know before drawing a conclusion.
Structure of research paper:
Your paper must be written in current APA style.
You must have a minimum of 6 sources (at least 3 academic). You may use your book as one source.
You must include a cover page, an abstract, and a complete reference page in alphabetical order.
You are discussing your topic through the lens of critical reasoning. Keep in mind that you are demonstrating competence, so imagine that you are going to present this paper to a group of educated adults. Do not assume that anyone knows anything about this topic.
Write in a professional, third person-tone (do not use "I"; no grammar or punctuation errors).
A Turn-it-in score of 20% or less is required.
Potential Topics to Consider (you do not have to select one from this list):
Transgender acceptance/equality in the US
Police brutality/excessive force
Racial profiling
Gender-based taxes on goods and services
For-profit colleges and universities
Sex education in schools
Gender neutral bathrooms
Free healthcare for all US citizens
Legalizing marijuana
Same-sex marriage
Anything that is a controversy and is presented by the media


Police Brutality
Police brutality is a social problem that has roots in the history of the nation. It dates back several decades and has been directed at different groups over the years, from whites, gays, Jews, Spanish immigrants and the African Americans among others. Recent developments have brought about an awareness relative to the focus on the African Americans. Some of the focus is relative to the biases brought by the media while others are a reflection of the failed justice system. There is need to evaluate information about the same from a critical point of view in a bid to unearth the truths, half-truths and the lies from either side of the debate.
In the recent years, the media platforms has been awash with the news on police brutality. Every few months, there is an incidence involving the police. This is topic that draws some very heated debates and one that deserves to be elaborated in a manner that gives a critical review, relative to the underpinnings of the situation. As a highlight of the debate, there has been two main campaigns these are; All Lives Matter and Black Lives Matter. These are campaigns that draw the line between the different sentiments. Ideally, there has been a bias in the cases involving police brutality, where majority of the victims are the African Americans (Cosgrove, 2015). 

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