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Perception Of Death In The Play, Everyman (Research Paper Sample)


The paper is on the morality play, EVERYMAN, by an unknown author. Below are the instructions.
You must complete the required textbook readings in preparation for the Research Paper. This will equip you to objectively respond to the readings by compiling information from a variety of sources in order to compose a persuasive analysis of a literary work. You will also learn to follow standard usage in English grammar and sentence structure; proceed independently through the various stages of research and integrate sources accurately and effectively; identify the theme and structure of each literary selection as well as the significant characteristics or elements of each genre studied; and evaluate the literary merit of a work (Syllabus MLOs: A, B, C, D, E, F, G and Module/Week 8 LOs: 1, 2).

In Module/Week 7, you will write a 1,500-word (approximately 5 pages) paper that addresses 1 of the plays from the Drama Unit. At least 6 citations, including the primary source and at least 5 secondary, scholarly sources, are required for this assignment. Before you begin writing the paper, carefully read the below guidelines for developing your paper topic. Review the Research Paper Grading Rubric to see how your submission will be graded. Gather all of your information, plan the direction of your paper, organize your ideas by developing a 1-page thesis statement and outline, draft your paper, and compile sources used. Format the thesis/outline, draft, and works cited/references/bibliography using current MLA, APA, or Turabian style, (whichever corresponds to your degree program); check your Harbrace Essentials Handbook pp. 106-158 (MLA); pp. 159-192 (APA); pp. 193-220 (Turabian), and/or its companion website, MindTap, to ensure the correct citation format is used.
The final paper must include a title page, thesis statement, and outline, followed by the research paper, and your correctly documented sources page.
Guidelines for Developing Your Paper Topic
The "Writing about Literature" section of your Perrine's Literature textbook (pp. 1-54) and the "Writing" section of Harbrace Essentials (pp. 1-12, 15-16, 18-21, 22-28) provide helpful pointers for writing your literary essay and for academic writing in general. Be sure that you have read this section before doing any further work for this assignment. Take particular notice of the examples of drama essays on pp. 48-54 of your Perrine's Literature textbook.
Choose 1 of the prompts below to address in your paper:
3. Discuss the author's perception of death and the treatment of death in Everyman. Be sure to re-read the play in Module/Week 7 before you begin your essay. You may review additional audio-visual resources on the play as well.
Finding Scholarly Sources
For your papers, you are only permitted to use academic sources. Resources such as 123Essays, Spark Notes, Cliff Notes, and Masterplots (or similar resources) are not scholarly and will not be permitted in your papers. To find appropriate sources, access the Jerry Falwell Library through the Services/Support link on the course menu on Blackboard. From there, you can use the Library Research Portal to find peer-reviewed, scholarly journals. The Literature Resource Center is an excellent resource for these types of papers.
If you need additional help finding the right sources, you can contact a librarian from the Jerry Falwell Library by emailing your questions to You are also free to visit your local library or do some research on the Internet; however, you must make sure that you have credible sources. If you are uncertain, email the source to you instructor in advance.


Perception of Death in The Play, Everyman
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Perception of Death in The Play, Everyman
Everyman is a Christian morality play published in the early fifteenth century. The author views death from the Catholic perspective that advocates that each individual should live life with the aim of getting to heaven where he will enjoy eternal life. He shows death as a terrible thing that all individuals fear as it cuts short their enjoyment of the wonderful things of the world. The author portrays the protagonist Everyman using allegory in his struggles to accept death and make amends for his deeds. The essay will analyze the different perceptions of death in the play as highlighted by the author and the characters that all revolve around the protagonist Everyman.
The play begins with the Messenger meditating and through which we learn the purpose of the play when he mentions “That of our lives and ending shows how transitory we be all day” (Goldhamer, 1973). The statement is significant as it highlights the moral purpose of the play and the fact that an individual's actions count during the time of their death and form a critical basis for judgment into the afterlife. He goes further to highlight the impacts of people living in sin who in the end are damned to cruel deaths and hell. He states “Ye think sin in the beginning full sweet which in the end causeth the soul to weep” (Goldhamer, 1973). The messeger prepares the way for God, who is very upset that all creatures and human beings have forsaken Him and His ways. He is very angry that human beings are ill concerned about damnation and sin but chooses to relate themselves with the pleasures of the world. The author uses Everyman to represent all the creatures and human beings that God is condemning. God shares “all creatures be to me unkind, living without dread in worldly prosperity” (Goldhamer, 1973). The statement is important as it is in line with how so many people relate God as the judge for all their actions on earth. All people know that in the end they will be accountable to God for their sins and who will either condemn them to death or usher them into heaven to enjoy eternal life. Furthermore, many people perceive death as a punishment from God for living a sinful life. The scene ends with God commanding Death to go visit Everyman and have him go on a pilgrimage that would absolve him of his sins before his demise. He shares “Go thou to Everyman and show him in my name a pilgrimage he must take which he no wise may escape and that he bring with him a sure reckoning without delay or tarrying” (Goldhamer, 1973). The statement puts further emphasis in Gods powers on a person's fate.
Everyman enjoys good company, worldly treasures and occasionally engages in deadly sins such as lust. He is therefore greatly shocked when Death beckons him to account for his actions to God. He is left in so much sorrow and fear. His reaction sums up what all people think of death (McCammon, 2006). It is thought to disrupt one's life and bring so much misery and as a result many people despise and fear it. Many people when faced with death try to find ways to postpone it. For example, people run to seek the best medical care so as to avoid death from terminal illnesses. Also, many people tend to look for spiritual assistance when faced with situations that would probably result in their demise. From the play, we note of Everyman's attempt to cheat death and postpone it by bribing Death. He states “yet of my good will I give thee, if thou will be kind. Yea a thousand pound shalt thou have, and default this matter till another day” (Goldhamer, 1973). The statement is also important as

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