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Online marketing / Adverttising (Research Paper Sample)

I need to have a paper focused on the best practices on "online marketing" or "online advertising" for ecommerce companies. Please focus on the overall best practice, then move on to include what luxury goods companies does. This paper will feed into my overall paper related to a research topic on exploring what lxury companies are doing online. I need to have a platform of what best practices are presented in existing literatures, then examples of current ecommerce companies are doing.. and possibility in luxury goods too. Please do try to do enough research..., I do not want to request for a revision as I do not have much time to complete my paper. Thanks. source..
Online Advertising and Marketing Name Course Professor Date The onset of the internet era has changed the way of life. Internet is used for almost everything; from communication, education and entertainment. Most importantly, internet took business to higher level. Online business has led to lots of benefits such as brand visibility, global advertisement and reaching the target group with the intended message. Many advertisers ceased the opportunity of ecommerce which can be proved by a report courtesy of eMarketer. This report indicates that online advertising grew by a margin of 23% in 2011 in the US alone. This was way over the $32 billion previously speculated. This was the same trend in 2012. Online spending is continuously growing, therefore, organizations and business with an online presence need to keep abreast with changes in online practices lest they lose future opportunities and customers (Demiray 2011). Online marketing comes with lots of pros to both growing and established businesses. These include a huge presence in the worldwide market. A huge presence promotes the visibility of a company leading to increased number of customers presently and in the future. In addition, current online practices have shown that ecommerce companies target specific prospective customers. This has led to customer involvement in the marketing and also customized marketing. Such promotes satisfaction to the target group and thus more sales. eMarketer indicates that online advertising and marketing is cheap and affordable compared to print. Even though some online marketers become a little expensive, the quality, service and the increased leads are guaranteed (Demiray 2011). This is justifiable. Also online marketing and advertising makes it possible to gauge the success of an online advert. It becomes extremely difficult to measure the success of print advertisement such a billboard. Through online marketi...
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