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Music Therapy Research Assignment (Research Paper Sample)


I want to write this essay on the outline which i have attached. I also have some sources entered there. preferred to have same and add a few. Outline is already written. Do not have to write the outline again, I want a five page research paper and that is all and double spaced. Fonts should be times new roman and size 12.


Music Therapy
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Music Therapy
Music therapy is the use of music intrusions scientifically and with proof to achieve the objectives that are customized within a healing and beneficial association (Pavlicevic, 1997). According to Pavlicevic (1997), governments allow a credentialed expert with the completion of an approved music therapy course to carry out the therapeutic process. According to Bunt and Stige (2014), music therapy is among the therapies used to communicate or express in words. In the expression procedure, the music therapist uses songs and their elements, which include emotional and mental to assist the affected to enhance their mental well-being. In addition, the music therapists use physical, social, and artistic elements to improve the physical fitness of their clients.
The music therapists assist the customers to get better or improve their well-being in numerous domains. Such areas comprise cognitive functioning and the worth of a person's life. Other domains include motor abilities and emotional growth, and communication. According to Wigram (2004), the music therapists encourage music involvements that are both active and receptive to improve the well-being of the clients. Such music experiences include deliberating, creativeness, composing, and listening to music to accomplish the curing objectives.
Encouraging music involvement helps to develop communication and motor skills, especially for people who have special needs. On the other hand, the music experiences such as writing and listening to melodies help the elderly to develop the mind of remembering issues. Music involvement also helps stroke victims as they process the music rhythms for physical rehabilitation.
According to Stige (n.d.), experts use music therapy in some health facilities and cancer centers. Schools and correctional amenities also use the music therapy (Stige, n.d.). According to Wigram (2004), music therapy is either active or receptive. Active music therapy involves both the therapist and the sick person who must actively contribute to the creation of music. The two participants use both musical instruments and their voice. According to Stige (n.d.), when the participants contribute actively to the creation of music, it helps the patient to be innovative and express himself or herself through songs. On the other hand, receptive therapy happens when the therapist actively sings to a relaxed patient. The patient can draw, listen, and reflect on the music. Whether active or receptive music therapy is the decision of the therapist, but in some cases, the patient can ask the expert to use either.
Bonde and Wigram (2002), assert that extensive research proves that songs are effective instruments for the music therapists. Music is useful to people, both physically and psychologically. The songs enhance the heart rates and decrease nervousness. Furthermore, music arouses the brain and improves the process of learning. According to Podolsky (2013), the therapists use the various acquired skills to assist the patients in a lot of areas. One of the areas includes relieving anxiety that comes before and after a surgeon operates an individual. In fact, kids who listen to songs as a doctor inserts a surgical needle into their body experience less pain and pain than those who do not pay attention to music when the doctor inserts the needle (Bonde and Wigram, 2002). According to Bonde and Wigram, patients who have mental illnesses such as nervousness and depression respond accordingly to the therapy with positive improvement.
The common method that music therapists use is the Orff approach.
Orff Music Therapy
According to Pasiali and Clark (2018), Gertrude Orff came up with the Orff Music Therapy method. Music therapists use this approa...

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