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What Are The Most Effective Strategies To Learn The Speaking Skills In The Second Language (Research Paper Sample)


To fill Discussion in Method in 2 or 3 pages. the deadline for Finding is Wednesday 8 am and the deadline for Discussion is Friday 8 am
In Method
1. Findings: summary main answers including main answers and some background answers you need. (like I summarize all background questions in Participant, If you can, could you please help me to revise a little in Participant)
2. Discussion: Connect Finding to theory. explain findings in terms of previous research(previous research are the chapters of the Five-minutes Linguistics(Chapters 2,3,11,12,22,27,28,29,31,32), critical period, implicit and explicit learning, and case of Genie Wiley ) If you don't know what I said, please ask me. But, YOU MUST MENTION THESE.and you can find the case of Genie Wiley through network
What is more, please add two more main questions and answers in the end(I have already listed 8 questions and answers) It will be good for you to do Finding and Discussion. Also, if you do more reference. Please write it in the literature review. Thank you very much


The Most Effective Strategies To Learn Speaking in Second Language
Developing effective strategies for learning the second language is a challenge for many learning institutions and its learners because different learning strategies exist. Learning strategies and learning styles are key factors that help language learners learn the second language. Since verbal communication forms part of daily communication, learning language can be enhanced through daily interaction. Second language learners need to understand how different strategies that can impact on their learning process. For learners to fully participate in social life and academic process, educators of the second language need to analyze the best strategy and identify approaches that enable learners to acquire the second language.
Learning strategies along with the learning styles of the second language are among the major factors that help in determining how well students can learn the foreign language. The second language refers to the language used for interaction as part of daily verbal communication, but is not the original language (Doan, 2011). Language learning is facilitated where there is abundant input in the language. To enable learners to have full participation in both social aspects of life and academic, educators of the second language need to recognize how different strategies used for teaching can impact the learning second language. It is important to identify approaches that support the development of language for second language learners (Lazi, 2012).
Developing the best strategies to promote efficient learning of second language remains to be the universal target of different learning institutions to its learners. The objective of this research paper is to show ways that can help in improving the strategies to a learning institution to improve learning of the second language. In other words, the paper focuses on ideas to ensure successful learning of the second language.
The most practical approaches that tend to improve learning of the second language are important factors within classroom settings. Classroom environment offers learners opportunity to interact with others, hence improve language comprehension (Rickerson& Barry, 2016). Acquiring the second language is a process that involves motivating learners, understanding their needs and developing appropriate strategies to aid learners to understand the language features. Language learning styles and strategies help determine how students can learn the second language. However, a good match of learning strategy combined with learning style brings about positive results (Lourdunathan & Menon, 2017).
Literature Review
Learning language requires an in-depth understanding of not only vocabularies, but also its cultural context. There are several ways of learning the second language, over the years; several amounts of research on strategies for language learning have been conducted. Research studies reveal that no single strategy that can be used in acquiring the second language. Instead second language learners use different strategies that include their own learning styles combined with personality within the context of cultural influences (Rickerson& Barry, 2016).
During my recent interview with a Chinese professor at Northeastern University, I gained insights on strategies for learning a second language. According to the professor, naturally, English is the preferred language. Children learn second languages at an early age. Having acquired a second language at an early age, he had the confidence to speak English hence felt motivated to learn English (Lourdunathan & Menon, 2017).

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