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Marketing MOD1 CA (Research Paper Sample)

Case Question Select TWO products which you have bought (or rented), ONE a High Involvement purchase, and ONE a Low Involvement purchase, in the following product categories: HIGH INVOLVEMENT (select ONE from the following four categories): A food good, A travel-related service, A medical service, A personal grooming service. LOW INVOLVEMENT (select ONE from the following four categories): A household cleaning product, An automobile-related product (but not an automobile itself), A lightbulb, A pen or pencil. Excluding the title page, any appendices or references write a four page paper in which you do the following: First Page Applying the teaching materials and any aditional research, explain why the first product you chose was a High Involvement purchase and why the second was a Low Involvement purchase. Using the stages of the Purchase Decision Process in the model of consumer buying behavior described in Module 1, describe in detail the process you went through in buying each product. Bear in mind that the purpose of the assignment is to demonstrate the depth of your understanding of the teaching materials. Second Page Identify and discuss the differences between the way you went through the purchase decision processes for the two products. Third and Fourth Pages Assume now that you are a marketer of both of the two products that you have discussed in the previous pages. Applying the teaching materials and any aditional research, explain how you might use your understanding of the Model of Consumer Buying Behavior for the two products. (Note that the presentation "Uses of a Model of Consumer Buying Behavior" is relevant to this part of the assignment). List all references cited in the body of the paper. Ensure that you include on the title page: the name of the university, (TUI University), the course number, (MKT301), the Module number, (Module One), the words "High and Low Involvement Case" followed by the brand names of the two products you chose for each type of involvement, e.g. "High Involvement: Del Monte tinned fruit. Low Involvement: Clorox bleach". * your name, the name of the instructor to whom the paper is submitted, (your Core Prof.) and the date on which it was written. * IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU INCLUDE THE CATEGORIES AND TWO BRAND NAMES OF THE CHOSEN PRODUCTS ON THE TITLE PAGE OF YOUR PAPER. IF YOU DO NOT INCLUDE THIS INFORMATION ON THE TITLE PAGE YOUR CORE PROF HAS BEEN INSTRUCTED TO REQUIRE YOU TO REVISE THE PAPER TO INCLUDE IT AND DOING SO WILL THUS DELAY THE GRADING OF YOUR WORK. The readings for a case provide a context in which you demonstrate your learning. Thus the questions relate to the teaching materials and the case provides a real-world context in which to apply what you have learnt from them. Bear in mind that the main goal of the case assignment is for you to use it to demonstrate your learning and understanding of the background materials. In order to do well in this case you MUST apply and demonstrate your learning from the background materials. I know that there's a lot in Module 1 to cover, but this forms the grounding for the remaining modules, so once you have conquered this, the rest will be a lot easier. source..
Running head: Involvement purchase HIGH AND LOW INVOLVEMENT PURCHASE THROUGH THE PRODUCT DECISION MAKING PROCESS University: TUI University Course number: MKT301 Module one: High and Low Involvement Case High involvement: Cadbury’s chocolate Low involvement: Energy saver fluorescent light bulb Name Instructor Date High and low involvement products selection The product’s market always comprises of various categories of products and services, which can be grouped according to their quality, brands etc. There are two main categories of goods depending on the type of purchase involvement. In my opinion, I selected Cadbury’s chocolate, a food product to be the high involvement purchase product. Involvement level is the condition which the consumers have the freedom to choose products from the market according to the products importance and their preferences. High involvement purchase products are those that have a higher level of risk in the market due to the large variety of brands of related products. Therefore, the Cadbury’s chocolate is a high performance product since chocolate is a high involvement purchase product because, in the prevailing market, it is exposed to high competition risks due to presence of products like, coffee, tea leaves, Milo, cocoa chocolates and others. Low involvement purchase products are those that are not exposed to a lot of risks and for others the consumers may not have varieties of options to choose from. The light bulb is referred to as a low involvement purchase product because they don’t come in a very large variety, and even if there are other brands, they almost operate in the same way, may just the difference in resolution. At the same time, nobody using electricity will not use them, thus, there are likelihoods that such products are partially risk free (Cheng, 2003). The levels involvement by the consumers in the market usually has some processes that are involved in order to purchase the select products. In order to select on purchasing the two products, I took my time to make a list of all the things that I required at that point, and I realized that I needed a beverage and a lighting gadget. Secondly, I had to visit the a supermarket where a variety of goods can be found under one order to carry out some search on the availability of the products and the prevailing prices. I evaluated I evaluated on a number of beverages and chose Cadbury’s chocolate since it can be used both at any time with no profound effects and its price was relatively cheaper, though a high involvement purchase product. I also quickly bought the...
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