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The Lottery Research Paper: Societal Customs Subject (Research Paper Sample)


Requirements: Approximately 8-10 double-spaced pages using 3-4 sources in addition to the text and an annotated bibliography ( in MLA format)
Due: Saturday, March 11th 2017
You will perform a critical, research-oriented analysis on your chosen text. Your paper will be comprised of several parts: critical analysis and interpretation, evaluation of secondary criticism, biographical sketch and historical component.
Analysis is a method of studying the nature of something (in this case a literary text) for the purpose of determining its essential features and their reactions.
(1) There are a number of ways to approach this assignment. You could analyze a single theme which you identify in the text. (Theme: A unifying or dominant idea, motif, topic, etc.). Evaluate how the story explores this theme or idea (i.e. aspects of the plot, specific details, word choice, language, shifts in tone or voice, lack of plot, images, etc.). You could also focus the essay on a message or commentary the text seems to be making about humanity, society, gender politics, etc.
(2) You should also make an effort to make connections between the various components of the essay when appropriate. For instance, if events in the author's life seem to bear some connection to the ideas they explore in the text, be sure to highlight that connection. Completing this essay should add greater context to the texts you have been reading and expand your thinking about the texts.
(3) You may also use one of your previous essays as a basis for beginning the research paper. Feel free to expand a discussion that you would like to explore further.
Secondary Criticism:
You should engage in conversation with at least three critics about your text. You will need to read your secondary sources for understanding, being able to articulate the argument being made and evaluating that argument in light of your own argument. This is the skill you employed in writing Response Essay Three. Your secondary criticism should come from scholarly sources (i.e. journals, books, e-books, etc.).
Biographical Sketch:
You should research the author's life and experiences, and see if you are able to make a connection between the author's own life and what you see in their work.
Historical Moment:
At what moment in history was the text written? Are there any significant historical events occurring at this time? If so, can you see any connection between the time period and the issues arising in the text? If not, simply provide some brief information about the time period.

The Lottery Research Paper
Shirley’s story explores several subjects that are hidden and require the reader to keenly pay attention to the story to identify them. One of the major subjects of the story is the traditions in the society that depreciate with time. The loss of community cultural practices can be detrimental to the prosperity of the people. Shirley uses inconsistent tone in the story that cannot be easily linked to the subjects matter. This assignment aims at analyzing the subject of traditional practices as depicted in the story.
Societal Customs subject
The story describes how people in the society instinctively follow traditions without seriously evaluating on their relevance to human life. The society tries to maintain the existing cultural practices without questioning the benefit of preserving the tradition in the dynamic society. They also don’t understand the history of lotto although they play it. This is clearly depicted in the story written by Shirley. The urban residents brutally murder Mrs. Hutchison; fail to comprehend the motive behind the lottery game and the elderly man’s caution and criticism of incompatibility. This shows how the people blindly understand their traditions (Johnson & Gary 112).
Shirley was living in the town of North Bennington where she got married to Stanley Herman. Her husband did not give her the freedom to express herself and commanded most of the family issues. He was a traditionalist who believed that women should obey what the man command and had no power over their husbands. Unfortunately, he had no satisfactory reason to substantiate the tradition which he followed blindly. Shirley was living during the era of cold world war when she published her fiction about the lottery. The author’s life has connection to the story and probably the lady was expressing her own experience in the society she was living (Johnson & Gary 114).
The urban people, as described in Shirley’s narrative, misunderstood the purpose of the game. They consistently overlooked and discounted the guidelines of the lottery. They were not honestly observing the instructions used in the game due to narrow understanding of the intention and relevance of lottery to the society. The native kit of the game disappeared sometimes back, but the people seemed not to realize. The urban residents were reluctant to maintain the particulars of the game. They were also not flexible to adapt to the traditional changes (Johnson & Gary 112).
In addition, the people did not welcome Mr. Summer’s idea of introducing an innovative box. They preferred using the traditional dark box which they were conversant with rather than adopting a new one. Failure to assess the societal custom practices can lead to contradictory ethics. The societal disregard of conservation and aversion of their customs clearly demonstrate the people did not comprehend the objective of lottery. Otherwise, the show have keenly observed the requirements of the game or accepted new innovations suggested by their fellow residents (Johnson & Gary 113).
The urban people also demonstrated blindness in the traditions when they declined to the Old Man Warner’s criticism of dissent. They refuse everything that does not obey their traditions. Also, they vehemently censure all what does not conform to the traditions. This is best illustrated when Mr. Adams alerts the community of the intention by the neighboring community to eliminate the lotto. The elderly man disagrees with the dissenters who do not seem to uphold the traditions of the township residents. He warns them that failure to observe their culture will revert back their lives to life in the cavern. His remarks are geared towards condemning the dissenters and secure his position as a tradit...
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