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Human Trafficking. Literature & Language. Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


 Analytic Research Paper
·         Paper must be at least 4-6 pages long
·         You may go over the page limit a few pages if you need to in order to be thorough
·         Please cite using either MLA or APA citation (please contact professor if you are unclear on citation)
Locate a current article, in-print or off the internet, from a reputable source (see below) that deals with a social problem such as (but not limited to) : abortion (either the existence of or unequal access to, depending on your feelings), the death penalty, sexual abuse, bullying,  domestic violence, cyberstalking, poverty, human trafficking, ecological racism, maximum minimums, discrimination, or a criminal case that reflects deviance. Please Note: 
1)      The article cannot be more than 2 years old and must be from a reputable news media (e.g., Time Magazine, Baltimore Sun, New York Times, Newsweek, reputable journals, etc). 
 2)      You must submit the article along with your paper to receive full credit. (LEAVE A LINK OF THE ARTICLE BELOW THE CONCLUSION BEFORE WORK CITED)
Writing Instructions
Section 1:  (25 points).  Introduce the topic you have chosen and provide research on the subject.  Be thorough!  This section is a research section!!!  Therefore, you must provide details about the topic (i.e., define it, tell me the prevalence of it, give statistics, describe the dynamics of the topic – for example … the death penalty is a controversial issue …. why? … domestic violence has certain features about it, such as the fact that women often stay with their abusers … why? … some individuals believe women ask to be assaulted … why do they believe that – what are the myths about rape and/or sexual assault?).  Be curious.  You will need to do research in order to complete this section of the assignment and you will need to have at least two reputable sources for this research. 
·         This needs to be at least a page and a half  
Section 2: (10 points)  Choose an article on the topic you have selected and write a thorough summary of that article.  The easiest way to find an article is to search The New York Times, Baltimore Sun, or other reputable newspapers for your topic.  Locate a story about people experiencing your issue.  Having an actual story will make your job so much easier! 
·         This needs to be at least 3/4ths of a page
 Section 3:  (50 points)  Analyze the article through a sociological lens.  Use a variety of the concepts and theories we have discussed this semester. Provide examples from the article that illustrate what each concept you use means.  You will need to elaborate so the “illustration” is a clear example of the concept’s definition; meaning you must justify your answers.  You also need to include definitions, but do not just repeat definitions and do nothing else.  
·         Spend as many pages as you need on this, but be sure you are being thorough.  This section is worth 50 points so take as many pages as you need to do a good job.  Of note, one page is not going to be enough.
 Section 4:  (10 points).  Write a paragraph about your thoughts, feelings, and judgments on the topic and/or article – your social reality.  This should be in first person (i.e., I feel … this make me angry … I am horrified by …). 
 ·         This should be at least 3/4ths of a page
 Section 5:  (5 points).  Closing paragraph.  You can tell me what you learned or give a summary, but find a proper way to close your paper.
 ·         A half a page or more is fine


Human Trafficking
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation

Human Trafficking
Section 1
Human trafficking entails using force, coercion, or fraud to obtain commercial sex or a type of labor. In other words, it refers to the process where people are trapped against their will by using deception, violence, and exploiting them for personal or economic gain. Millions of women, children, and men are trafficked globally every year. Human trafficking can happen to individuals in any community, where victims are people of different gender, race, culture, age, nationality, or ethnicity (The Department of Homeland Security, 2020). For example, girls are well-groomed and forced to engage in sexual activities, while women are recruited to perform various tasks in private homes where they feel trapped, abused, and exploited. Additionally, men can also be victims of human trafficking and are tricked to accept job offers, such as working in factories, farms, and building sites, where they are trapped in forced or cheap labor. Human trafficking is a significant problem affecting humanity, and it should be eradicated since it leads to the abuse of human rights.
Based on a 2017 report by the Walk Free Foundation (WFF) and the International Labor Organization (ILO), the prevalence of human trafficking has been increasing since 2012. 

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