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Women and HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa Research Assignment (Research Paper Sample)


The Literature Review, your literature search assignment is to evaluate 5 scholarly sources and give a 2 paragraph summary of the article. Use APA guideline for formatting.
To refreshes your memory and for future reference: If it is a scientific study the summary will consist of:
what the research question is (why did the authors conduct the research/aim/goal/hypothesis)
A brief statement describing methods in collecting data
A brief statement of the results of the study
what the conclusion of the study was
what will happen next as a result of the findings (if applicable)
Each reference should be at least 2 paragraphs in leng
Before each summary, please list the reference that you are summarizing using the required format.
Remember to use the APA to format the Literature Search List.


Ramjee, G., & Daniels, B. (2013). Women and HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa. AIDS Research And Therapy, 10(1), 30.
The article evaluates the element of HIV among the women in Sub Saharan Africa. According to the authors, the Sub Saharan region accounts for more than two thirds of the world's infection with HIV. Women are the most common culprits compared to their male counterparts. The study uses secondary data to develop the argument.
From the data, the authors were able to develop a rather informative paper. This is relative to the fact that, the authors establish the various aspects that contribute to the infection rates among the women. At the same time, the authors offer the readers recommendation.
Sagaon-Teyssier, L., Singh, S., Dongmo-Nguimfack, B., & Moatti, J. (2016). Affordability of adult HIV/AIDS treatment in developing countries: modelling price determinants for a better insight of the market functioning. Journal Of The International AIDS Society, 19(1).
The article reviews the affordability of the HIV treatment in the developing nations, with the view of establishing a price model to a gain a better insight of the market. to obtain the date the authors use the global price reporting mechanism which is managed by the AIDS Medicine and they ran the diagnostics from the World Health Organization. To build on the main argument in the paper, the authors used secondary data from past and reputable databases such as the GPRM.
The study found out that, there is a discrepancy in the prices of the originator medicines compared to the generics. In the Sub Saharan Africa, the generics are much more expensive and the originator medicines are cheaper. This is different from the case in place such as Europe. Using these findings, it is much easier to develop policies that will help streamline policies.
Chin, L., Rifai-Bashjawish, H., Kleinert, K., Saltman, A., Leu, C., & Klitzman, R. (2011). HIV/AIDS Research Conducted in the Developing World and Sponsored by the Developed World: Reporting of Res

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