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Healthcare Administration (Research Paper Sample)

You have been asked by your supervisor to speak at the next manager meeting about the following topic: What are the advantages and disadvantages of the electronic medical record for patients and for providers? source..

It is clear that there are many benefits that are normally associated with the usage of patient health records. Not only the record is used to keep the patients record but also for any legal, financial information, quality improvement purposes and the research tasks. Due to the increasing problems with the paper health records, professionals have advised the usage of automated health record to enable sharing of data among the professionals within the health team. This automated health record system has helped many healthcare organizations to improve the quality of the services and also patients` safety. The extreme block in the new world of cohesive healthcare provision is to deliver reliable, inclusive, timely, relevant and accessible patient data to every adherent of the healthcare squad, whether in secondary or primary care and whether a nurse, doctor, patient/consumer or allied health professional.
The electronic health record has very many distinct merits over the manual paper health record. One major and definite advantage is the reality that there are currently increase in storage capability for a longer period of time. Similarly, the electronic health record is actually reachable from isolated sites to several people at the same period and recovery of the data is virtually instant. The health record is unceasingly updated and is always accessible concomitantly for use far and wide. Information is directly accessible at any entity workstation every time it is required.
The paper health record brings cost of information management and also the data fragmentation similarly leads to greater expenses due to the adverse impacts on the future and current patient care.
Moreover the electronic health care allows medical reminders and alerts. They also have electronic health records to have built-in intelligence for instance potential life threatening drug interactions and recognizing abnormal laboratory results. Additionally a well-designed electronic health record provides liable autonomy, collection and information dissemination to help in medical professional mostly in verdict making (Dickson, 2003).
Additionally another advantage of using electronic health records is to enable for the customized views of data which are very relevant to the requirement of several specialists. Therefore electronic health records is most flexible something that allows its users to plan and make use of reporting formats that are customized to their own exceptional needs and also to manage and show information in many ways. The electronic health record has provided information that im...
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