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Describe Effects of Domestic Violence on Children (Research Paper Sample)


Title, outline and 5 resources have already been submitted to the class instructor. I will scan and attach the course syllabus for review. I will also attach outline with resources listed
Research papers: paper must include 5 full pages of text and resource/reference section. References must be cited in APA style attached to end of the narrative.
Citation of references: a minimum of two-thirds of the paper must be original writing properly cited. Citation is used to support, validate or illustrate the thesis of the paper.
Format: Papers must be typed and double spaced in 12 point font. Margins should be one inch around page.
Papers must be submitted in MS Word or PDF.


Effects of Domestic Violence on Children
I. Introduction
Domestic Violence on children is a gruesome scenario when the children are made into victims by their elders inside their homes. The extent of violence varies per household due to several factors affecting family or household relationships. When violence occurs at home, this is something about the personality of the attacker. Elders and other children who are violent to others are potentially dangerous because they inflict harm to children. Cases of domestic violence affecting children need an immediate attention to the authorities such as the police department of the community. The extent of violence could risk the health and the lives of the children who are constantly abused by other members of the family who are older than the children (Browne, 2013).
The perpetrator is usually the elders as well as other children who are known to commit violent practices towards others. There is a cycle of violence that is usually observed when domestic violence occurs at home. This starts when the elderly became irate and agitated towards the children and started causing harm to the victim. After causing harm to the children, guilt feelings towards the previously offensive actions will develop. The attacker will then apologize to the children for what they have done to them. However, whenever the attacker becomes irate for another time, the attacker become once again violent. This cycle exists to every household where there are unstable family affairs that are going on. The attacker usually threatens their children by means of throwing them out if they will report the violence to others. However, children who are abused are immediately taken by the government's social welfare custody if they found out about the abuse.
II. Effects of domestic violence
A. Emotional Maturity: Minors who are suffering from a domestic abuse often develops anxiety. They always feel the fear whenever they come home due to the violent nature in some of their family members. The fear that the children translates into a psychological problem could develop into depression. This is when the child starts to feel that they are no longer welcome in this world. The risk of committing suicide is high because children at a young age start to feel that they are no longer unwanted in this world. Once the child committed a suicide, the violent nature of the household will be investigated by the authorities. The art of psychology play an important role for influencing the child's emotional integrity. They often develops psychological imbalance through personality chances due to a constant physical or verbal abuse (Bartlett, Rhode & Grossman, 2013).
B. Brain development: The extent of violent activity can directly affect the mental integrity of the Children. This is because the physiology of the children's body is still developing, which includes the brain, spinal cord, and the nerves. Physical assault directly towards the child's body can cause pain, which will translate into an emotional and physical stress. If there is a repeated physical assault towards the child, they will develop mental health problems because their brain's activity will be disrupted by the continuous physical trauma caused by the violent person. The child may soon develop memory loss, inability to comprehend simple instructions, or even mental retardation. It will be a big possibility that the child may also grow violently because they perceive the abusive act made by their household member as a normal issue.
3. Physical effect

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