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What Are The Most Effective Strategies To Learn Second Language (Research Paper Sample)


Topic:what are the most effective strategies to learn second language. Take the references bibliography from chapter 9 10 22 27 29 30 31 32 33 34 there is also a interview essay. I interview a chinese professior from northeastern university. interview essay has 10 main questions


What Are the Most Effective Strategies to Learn Second Language?
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Learning strategies along with learning styles of the second language are among the major factors that aid in the determination of how well students can learn the foreign language. The second language in any learning institution refers to the language deliberated in the venue where that verbal communication forms a primary pathway of daily communication. The language also occurs where there is abundant input in the language. To enable learners to have full participation in both social aspects of life and academic, educators of the second language need to recognize how different strategies set in place can impact the teaching, learning as well as identifying approaches that support the development of language (Lazi, 2012). Efficient learning of second language capability remains to be the universal target of different learning institutions to its learners. Therefore, the objective of this research paper is to show ways that can help in improving the strategies applicable in a learning institution to improve learning of the second language. In other words, the paper focuses on ideas ensure successful learning of the second language.
The most practical approaches that tend to improve learning of the second language have remains to become an important factor in the classroom. The importance is due to the strengthening of the position of making the foreign language to be a language used for international communication processes (Rickerson& Barry, 2016). Acquiring or learning the second language comprises of different areas that involve motivation, looking at the needs of the learner, strategies of learning, as well as awareness of language. In the present world, it is tending to increasingly to be tricky for the society to overlook strategies of second language learning.
Literature Review
Learning involves the vocabulary strategies that form the steps by different learners to acquire new words of the foreign language. However, there are several ways of learning of vocabulary techniques established by the language classifications learning policies from proposals of different surveyors. General Outlook of skills of learning of the second language shows that there exist possessions of competencies for learning the foreign language. These properties form a critical section of learning of second or foreign language in different institutions (Kearney, 2015). Strategies for learning the second language have taken the delicate along with necessary level all the way through the history of teaching and learning process.
An interview held with a Chinese professor in the Northeastern University revealed a lot about second language. Quite naturally, English is the interviewee’s second language after Chinese. The professor said he had been learning English for six years. Normally, language is usually learnt from a very early age, and so is the case with the respondent. The professor says he had learnt English since the age of twelve. This has built in him a lot of confidence in speaking English.
General issues in second language learning
General issues in second language learning like the construction of vocabulary knowledge, the relationship amongst knowledge of understanding vocabulary and L2 proficiency, selecting words for learning and testing experience on these words form the primary determinants for strategies that lead to effective strategies for learning a foreign language. The interview with the Chinese professor revealed some information about L1 and L2, that the professor uses both. However, he uses Chinese when relating to his family and Chinese friends, while he uses English when he goes out.
The importance along with inefficacy of learning vocabularies of other language aid in lo...
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