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The Advantage And Disadvantage Of Social Media Development (Research Paper Sample)


Cannibalism: It Still Exists
Fifty-five Vietnamese refugees fled to Malaysia on a small fishing boat to escape communist rule in their country following the Vietnam War. During their escape attempt, the captain was shot by the coast guard. The boat and its passengers managed to outrun the coast guard to the open sea, but they had lost the only person who knew the way to Malaysia, the captain.
The men onboard tried to navigate the boat, but after a week fuel ran out and they drifted farther out to sea. Their supply of food and water was gone; people were starving, and some of the elderly were near death. The men managed to produce a small amount of drinking water by boiling salt water, using dispensable wood from the boat to create a small fire near the stern. They also tried to fish, but had little success.
A month went by, and the old and weak died. At first, the crew threw the dead overboard, but later, out of desperation, the crew turned to human flesh as a source for food. Some people vomited as they attempted to eat it, while others refused to resort to cannibalism and see the bodies of their loved ones sacrificed for food. Those who did not eat died of starvation, and their bodies in turn became food for others. Human flesh was cut out, washed in salt water, and hung to dry for preservation. The liquids inside the cranium were eaten to quench thirst. The livers, kidneys, heart, stomach, and intestines were boiled and eaten.
Five months passed before a whaling vessel discovered the drifting boat, looking like a graveyard of bones. There was only one survivor.
Cannibalism, the act of human beings eating human flesh (Sagan 2), has a long history and continues to hold interest and create controversy. Many books and research reports offer examples of cannibalism, but a few scholars have questioned whether cannibalism was ever practiced anywhere, except in cases of ensuring survival in times of famine or isolation (Askenasy 43-54). Recently, some scholars have tried to understand why people in the West have been so eager to attribute cannibalism to non-westerners (Barker, Hulme, and Iversen 1-257). Cannibalism has long been a part of American popular culture. For example, Mark Twain's “Cannibalism in the Cars” tells a humorous story about cannibalism by well-to-do travelers on a train stranded in a snowstorm, and cannibalism is still a popular subject for jokes (Twain 9-16; “Cannibal Jokes” par. 6).


The Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media Development
Social media is composed of technologies that are created through the use of a computer. These platforms ensure the provision of a medium for sharing information that is created. Such information might be in the form of career interests and ideas. Social media ensure that information is shared via virtual networks and communities. Some common features of social media include: (1) Users have the ability to create distinct profiles for the specific profiles in the service they are registered to. (2) Social networks are developed by ensuring an individual is connected to other individuals. This is possible because profile users can access other people's profiles. (3) Social media depends on content generated by the users such as posts, videos, and photos for its livelihood ("Social Media for Development", 2017). Social media is accessed through technologies that are web based such as smartphones and computers. Such web-based technologies enable the creation of platforms that are highly interactive where different individuals can create, modify and share content generated by various users.
Over the years, social media development has presented itself as an essential tool in various aspects of life. The use of social media has been growing with the number of users each year being more than the previous year ("Social Media Development - Social Media Marketing - Brand Reputation Management", 2017). Social media development ensures the growth and evolution of different platforms used to share information to satisfy the ever-growing demand if it's used. Social media use comes with certain advantages and disadvantages. Some of these include:
1. Education
Students and teachers across learning institutions have benefitted from the use of social media. Professionals and experts can now educate others through the use of social media. Through the access to other peoples' profiles, one can decide to follow a particular person who might be an expert on an area of interest. By following the expert, the individual can learn from the expert. It makes it easier for different people to get access education regardless of their location without giving any payment.
2. Information and update
The creation and shar

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