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Daydreaming Research Paper & Literature Review (Research Paper Sample)


my research question is A daydreaming is a useful or harmful activity for people
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Daydreaming Research Paper
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Is daydreaming a useful or harmful activity for people? Daydreaming can be defined as the short-term detachment of a person from his surroundings. During this process, his contact with the real world is likely to be blurred, and he gets involved in the fantasy, ideal world where things seem pleasant, and he finds many comforts. Most often, people with hectic or busy lifestyles detach themselves from the real-life environment and get vanished in a world where they come across a lot of positive things (Dauphin & Heller, 2010).
Daydreaming is experienced while they are awake and helps them forget the day-to-day worries and tensions for some time. Psychologists claim that daydreaming is a good way to manage depression, anxiety, and stress, and is no doubt beneficial for everyone. Life is full of challenges: some of them leave positive impacts on our minds while the others leave negative impacts. Studies have proved that daydreaming is a good way to soothe our nerves, helps us develop creativity, and allows us to boost our confidence to an extent. At the same time, it helps to improve our memory and enables us to face the world’s challenges in a better way (Somer et al., 2017).
Literature Review
According to Barry Dauphin and Grant Heller, more than 60 percent of Americans suffer from depression, anxiety, stress and other mental disorders. With the passage of time, these complications take a severe form and can lead to death. Most of the chronic diseases take place in individuals who have many projects to do every day. A lot of them daydream about the possibilities of certain situations (Dauphin & Heller, 2010, p. 102). Amazingly, daydreaming helps them relieve a headache and manage stress, anxiety, and depression to an extent. For some time, they escape from the day-to-day worries and challenges and get a chance to imagine or think what they like. The author also argues that people whose dreams rarely come true daydream more than individuals who are capable of fulfilling their dreams using money or other resources (Dauphin & Heller, 2010).
In 2017, Eli Somer and team published an article titled The Comorbidity of Daydreaming Disorder in which it was mentioned that an employee or housewife’s memory gets weakened with time. As a worker, you may be required to meet the deadlines, work under pressure and give your best all the time. The same is the situation of a housewife: she has to manage the entire house, cooks food for her husband and children and does other things the whole day (Somer et al., 2017, p. 526). In such circumstances, daydreaming proves to be fruitful as it helps them escape all tensions and boosts their performance. Once you begin daydreaming, you will detach yourself from all the real-world problems and will get a chance to stay in a fantasy world where things are quite favorable and appealing (Somer et al., 2017).
Hazel Morrison writes in Writing and Daydreaming that daydreaming can be harmful to a person’s health if he think

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