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WRITING ASSIGNMENT 2 CONTEXUTALIZING A WORK OF ART. Contextualizing a Work of Art (Research Paper Sample)


This paper is a part 2 of an assignment I did earlier this year.
The paper entails applying information and ideas about the culture in which the work was made used for the first assignment (picture and description of the work will be attached) and integrating that information with the visual analysis done in the first assignment (will also be attached for reference). It requires research and applying concepts, and art historical terminology to put the work of art in the museum back into its historical and cultural contexts.
In addition to doing research using a minimum of 3 sources, you should
draw upon reliable sources, and more details are given in what kind of sources can be used in the document that is going to be attached. Please look at it carefully and follow exactly.
In constructing this paper, you will integrate the visual analysis of the work
did in the first assignment into a new paper that investigates the subject matter,
information about the culture from which the work originally came, and concepts of the piece.
Please cite sources using proper citing!! And the Bibliography and Title page DOES NOT COUNT AS THE 6 PAGES. SO PLEASE LET THE PAPER BE 6 PAGES in addition to the bibliography.

WRITING ASSIGNMENT 2 CONTEXUTALIZING A WORK OF ART This assignment involves putting the work of art you chose for Assignment 1 back into its historical and cultural context. This paper should be approximately 5-6 pages in lengthv GOALS: This assignment asks you to discuss the subject and the religious, social, and political or other cultural context of the work of art you wrote about in Assignment 1 in order to put it back into that context. o CRITICAL THINKING: As you do your research and look again at the work you selected to write about, be sure to define a thesis to guide you. The thesis could be a question or a particular issue that you want to find out about in relation to this object. ALSO: Think about the sources you are using as making an argument, not only as sources of information. What assumptions might they be making? Do different sources give different perspectives on the work or its role in its culture? What do you find compelling or, in contrast, not convincing based on what you have learned in the course. v RESEARCH:  What does the object tell us about the culture and people from which it comes? Ø TIP: Think of taking the work out of the museum and putting it back into the world from which it came. Suggestion: effectively explain the style, meaning, and cultural context of the work of art! v INTEGRATE the visual analysis of the work you did for your first assignment into a new paper that explains how the work of art you chose reflects its original cultural context. DO NOT CUT AND PASTE your previous paper word for word. v RESEARCH TIPS & PREPARATION FOR WRITING LOOK FOR THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION 2 Ø ID the type of work you wrote about for Assignment 1 and the parts of its culture to which it relates. Since you are not likely to find many (if any) sources that deal directly with the exact object you are working on, these will be your starting points for research Ø TO GUIDE YOUR RESEARCH & WRITING, CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS in relation to your work of art: o What kind of function or purpose might this work have served for its culture and what did it mean for the people of that culture? § Was it part of the culture’s religious practices or beliefs? § Is it related to the political structure or to power politics? § Is it related to the social structure of the society? § Is it connected with specific historical events or circumstances of the work’s time and place? § Be specific about the social, cultural ideas, experiences, or values the piece reflects o Investigate the subject matter, but don’t go overboard with details that don’t contribute to the goal of this assignment! (you may have to drop some of the details you had put in Assignment 1) Make sure you can relate the subject matter to the culture and the part of the culture it addresses. § Is it a figurative theme (represent people, buildings, animals, plants) or purely decorative – eg plant forms or geometric or organic shapes; or just lines? § Is it related to the religious system or beliefs of the culture?SOURCES USE A MINIMUM OF THREE SOURCES These sources may include: Ø RECOMMENDED OR REQUIRED READINGS on Blackboard Ø E-BOOKS (equivalent to printed books) Ø NO MORE THAN HALF OF ALL THE SOURCES YOU USE MAY BE FROM THE INTERNET and the internet sources you use MUST be3 connected with a MUSEUM, UNIVERSITY or other ACADEMIC site. (usually .org OR .edu) Ø FINDING BOOKS AND ARTICLES Ø GO TO: Ø SCROLL DOWN TO:  Research Tools o SELECT Art Databases Ø CHOOSE FROM (or try several!) o Art Full Text (art history journals with articles on line) OR o JSTOR (on-line journals with articles in various disciplines, including art history but also history, religion, etc) o Oxford Art Online (encyclopedia written by art historians and acceptable for art history papers) Ø Do a Keyword or use “Boolean” searches (using two words with AND or OR between them are often better than simple subject searches as they usually produce more focused and useful results o Examples: Hellenistic AND sculpture; Greek AND bronze AND sculpture; Roman AND sarcophagus; Roman AND sculpture Ø USING SOURCES FROM THE INTERNET (other than the databases you can find on the Art & Architecture Library website) Ø Here are some good places to search for general background information on the type of object you are writing about and the culture from which it comes o OXFORD ART ONLINE (remember Wikipedia is NOT an acceptable source for a college paper – See CHOOSING, USING, AND CITING SOURCES) o The Metropolitan Museum of Art: o The British Museum: Ø You may use an internet browser like google to search using key words related to the type of object you wrote about for paper 1, its subject matter, and its culture o Examples: black figure, red figure, Greek pottery, High Classical Greece, Hellenistic sculpture, bronze casting, Dionysus4 BUT YOU MUST SCREEN OUT INAPPROPRIATE WEBSITES. ONLY those associated with a museum or university will be accepted for papers in this course.  o These can be identified by the url that ends in .org for museums or .edu for universities Ø WRITE  DOWN THE PAGE NUMBERS from which you have taken information and/or ideas next to the material you have taken from that page.[You will need this information for your footnotes or in-text citations when you write your paper] If you are using an online source there probably will not be page numbers. o REMEMBER: If you use information or ideas of any kind from a source (including your textbook) other than class notes you must provide a citation at the end of the sentence or paragraph where you have used a source o Make sure you understand the information and ideas and PUT THEM IN YOUR OWN WORDS. § DO NOT quote secondary sources. § If you copy the words of your source into your paper that is PLAGIARISM and may lead to your failing the course. Changing just a word or two is NOT enough to claim it as your own. Ø OUTLINE THE MAJOR IDEAS, VALUES & INFORMATION about the culture that you will use to put your work of art back into its original context v WRITING YOUR PAPER:5 KEEP IN MIND: The goal is to write a single, coherent paper that talks about the work of art as an expression of its culture Ø INTEGRATE o STYLISTIC ANALYSIS you did for Assignment 1 (taking into account the grader’s comments § Use only those parts of your first paper that help you explain the object as a product of its cultural context o WHAT YOU LEARNED FROM RESEARCH o INFORMATION, CONCEPTS, TERMS you have learned in the course Ø Write a separate INTRODUCTION that identifies the work of art you discuss AND sets out your THESIS or main ideas about its cultural context and significance. Ø Write a CONCLUSION that summarizes the main points you have made in your paper (You will lose points for “fluffy” endings that do not pull together important elements of your paper.) Ø ADD an extra page for the Bibliography with the full bibliographic information for each source you use. Ø USE FOOTNOTES OR IN-TEXT CITATIONS for each source and page from which you take information. If you know a standard citation format you may use it. If you don’t know a standard citation format SEE CHOOSING, USING, AND CITING SOURCES on Blackboard o You will also have to CITE THE MUSEUM WALL LABEL again for this paper


Contextualizing a Work of Art
The ancient Greeks innovated and developed many years ago to the 600 CE. The kingdom progressed in numerous areas to impact history and culture. The Ancient Greece civilization saw the Greeks excel in different areas of astronomy, mathematics, science, leadership, economy, government, music and art among others. A good example of the application mathematics and science is the outstanding engineering and architecture. They incorporated the complex designs of column capitals that advanced through three diverse orders that ranged in complexity from the Doric, Ionic to Corinth Columns (Barletta, 2009). Therefore, the Corinth column became the most advanced column in history and culture. Therefore, this essay shall present the historical and cultural context of Corinth columns.

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