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Company Research Report. Business & Marketing Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Please refer to the outline and memo behind me.,Write a formal company report to compare two charities.
("The Boundless School"
("Children's Cottage Society"
You need to define its purpose(choose the suitable charity) along with four dimensions(Size of the charity, Cents to the cause, Results and impact, and Reserve) base your comparison. Your report should include a cover page, table of contents, complete report, and references in APA format.Should include an introduction, background, findings, discussion, conclusion and recommendations.
For your written report, you will need to write a clear research question (or purpose), develop paragraphs with topic sentences and evidence, write a convincing conclusion, and recommendation. The references section should include 6 to 8 end-references, and include corresponding citations in APA format.
Submission requirements
• Cover page, table of contents, executive summary
• Complete report (1100 – 1200 words)
• References in APA format



To:   CEO of a company who wants to find a charity


Date: March 27, 2019

Subject: Proposal for study on which charity to donate



Further to your request on March 1, 2019, I prepare a report on how to choose a suitable charity for your company to donate. In this report, I will compare two children charities named “The Boundless School” and “Children’s Cottage Society” respectively. I will address three main aspects: 1) Spending and costs, 2) Results and Impact, 3) Financial Review. The objective of this report is helping your company to make decision on which charities to donate between these two.



The result of last survey indicates that your company is engaged in production of children’s clothes and you want to find the best and suitable charity to donate; therefore, I choose two children related company to compare in this report. As a business consultant, I have worked with many organizations and receive lots of high evaluations.  I believe this report provide useful and best information about charities and can really help you to make a choice.


Plan for this project

I will analyze from different aspects to help you choose the best charity. This study is accomplished by lots of research of the main aspects I mentioned in introduction about “The Boundless School” and “Children’s Cottage Society”. Our schedule is provided below: the submission date of the proposal is March 27. Then, discussion of the proposal and the client’s approval should be finishes by April 3th. The report daft will be submitted on April 10th and final report will be presented on April 17th.


Resources available

For this project, I will use information provided on various websites which relate to charities as my primary resource. For example, I will use “Charity Intelligence Canada” to analyze different charities. In addition, I may use library sources to gather more information so that we are closer to our main goal.


Supporting Argument

I have successfully worked with hundreds of business organizations and written several reports on different types of charities including animal, elder, homeless people and children related charities. From past experience, I leant a lot about charities, so I am confident about helping you choose the best charity to donate.




I request that you authorize this proposal by Mach 27 so that I can start the analysis towards achieving our goals. I hope you find this proposal to be a good start.

Please call if you have any questions.











                                                       Formal Report Outline













This report will illustrate how to choose a suitable charity to donate for your company and specifically, compare “The Boundless School” and “Children’s Cottage Society”. The reason I compare them is that your business is engaged in production of children’s clothes and these two companies are related to youth.  1)Size of the charity 2) Cents to the cause 3) Results and Impact 4) Reserve




“The Boundless School” was founded in1984 and became a charity in 1989, working with at-risk youth. It has helped 20,000 students academically, physically, and socially. The charity allows students to achieve academic success in an “exquisite” learning environment. (“The Boundless School”, para1)

“Children’s Cottage Society” was founded in 1986 which helps prevent harm and neglect to children in Calgary. This charity has helped more than 64,000 children. Parents can seek help from it for reasons such as homelessness, poor physical or mental health and family divorce. It has 5 main program including Crisis Nursery, Healthy Families, Brenda’s House, Community Respite, and Housing. (“Children’s cottage society”, para1)



It is based upon the quotes from both the companies for the same parameter.



The Boundless School

Children’s Cottage Society

Size of the charity

The Boundless school is considered a small charity, with donation of $696k in F2018. (“The Boundless School”, para9)

The Children’s Cottage Society of Calgary is a medium-sized charity with total donations of $3.2m in F2017. (“Children’s cottage society”, para11)

Cents to the cause

For every $1 donated, 91 cents go to the cause, falling within Ci’s reasonable range for overhead spending. (“The Boundless School”, para9)

For every $1 donated, 88 cents go to the cause, falling well within Ci’s reasonable range. (“Children’s cottage society”, para11)

Results and impact

Charity Intelligence has evaluated The Boundless School and found the charity to have good impact per dollar. (“The Boundless School”, para6)

Charity Intelligence has evaluated The Children’s Cottage Society of Calgary and found the charity to have good impact per dollar. (“Children’s cottage society”, para7)


Boundless has $958k in funding reserves which could cover program costs for six months. This indicates a need for funding. (“The Boundless School”, para9)

Children’s Cottage Society had funding reserves of $2.8m which could cover program costs for 6 months. This indicates a need for funding. (“Children’s cottage society”, para11)






The table shows the comparison based on findings between these two companies regards to the four parameters.


The Boundless School

Children’s Cottage Society

Size of the charity

The Boundless school is a small charity and it has smaller size than The Children’s Cottage Society.

The Children’s Cottage Society of Calgary is a medium-sized charity and it is larger than The Boundless school.

Cents to the cause

The Boundless school has higher cents to cause which is 91 cents.

The Children’s Cottage Society of Calgary has lower cents to cause which is 88 cents.

Results and impact

Both have evaluated as good impact per dollar. The Boundless school has impact in improving average score in school.

Both have evaluated as good impact per dollar. The Children’s Cottage Society has different impact in different program (mentioned in background)


Boundless has lower reserve ($958k), but both The Boundless and Children’s Cottage Society’s reserve can only cost for 6 months.

Children’s Cottage Society has higher reserve ($2.8m)


Both two companies are evaluated as good impact per dollar and need for funding, but they have different sizes and different programs.

We’d better donate a charity with large size, high cents to cause, good society impact and more urgent for funding. By comparing two “youth-at -risk” charities from different parameters, we can choose a suitable one for the company.


Both” The Boundless School” and “The Children’s Cottage Society” have good society impact and help lots of youth who needed. However, according to our findings, The Children’s Cottage Society has larger size and our donation can help more people; what’s more, it will bring more profound influence on the society.



(n.d.). Retrieved from https://www(dot)charityintelligence(dot)ca/charity-details/162-children-s-cottage-society

(n.d.). Retrieved from https://www(dot)charityintelligence(dot)ca/charity-details/159-the-boundless-school





Company Research Report
Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Company Research Report PAGEREF _Toc5147202 \h 2Executive Summary PAGEREF _Toc5147203 \h 2Introduction PAGEREF _Toc5147204 \h 3Background PAGEREF _Toc5147205 \h 3Findings PAGEREF _Toc5147206 \h 4Discussions PAGEREF _Toc5147207 \h 4Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc5147208 \h 5Recommendations PAGEREF _Toc5147209 \h 6References PAGEREF _Toc5147210 \h 7
Executive Summary
The report gives a comparison of two charity institutions to provide enough information to a donor who needs to invest money in one of the organizations. The two organizations are The Boundless School and Children’s Cottage Society which varies in terms of size, the number of cents channeled to the cause, the impact on the society, and more urgent for funding. The Boundless School is a small-sized organization with more cents per dollar channeled to the cause. Contrarily, Children’s Cottage Society is a medium-sized organization with slightly fewer cents channeled to cause compared to The Boundless School. Nevertheless, both the organizations have an equal impact on the society and similarly, need urgent funding as the available reserves can only finance the projects for the next six months. Further, the objective of The Boundless School is to help at-risk youth while the Children’s Cottage Society protects children from harm and neglect. Moreover, Children’s Cottage Society helps a larger number of people than The Boundless School. Therefore, the comparison will give summarized information to the donor to aid in making a decision regarding the project to finance.

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