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Color Research: One Page In Length On Your Favorite Color (Research Paper Sample)


3 Color Research
Write a paper of one page in length on your favorite color. You may need to simplify the shade, using pink as a research word instead of magenta or coral, in order to search a key word on-line. Start with a color. Find information about its origins, how the pigment is made, (i.e. What does the artist grind up to make this color?) and any research on its effect on us. Then find a work of art in which this color figures prominently and discuss why you think the artist chose that particular color and what it does to the viewer.
Remember to give the title and artist's name (note a site for this also). Think of the color green in “The Marriage of Arnolfini”. His bride is draped in green, the color symbolic of fertility. Many cultures would never consider dressing a bride in white. Offer your own opinions but also note the sites you used to find information for this paper.


Color Green
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Color Green
My favorite color is green. Green is a word associating to an Old English verb, meaning to grow. Color green is often known to be the color of life, symbolizes growth and seasonal renewal. Green is regularly seen mostly in the natural environment. It is found in the spring season when plants come back to life after winter seasons. It is associated with regeneration, energy, fertility, harmony, growth, and the environment due to its connection with nature. Traditionally, green is connected to ambition, money and Wall Street. The green color is best understood to be the most relaxing and restful color because it is said to have healing power. Green symbolizes fertility in some cultures, while in others it associated with sickness and death.
Green is not a predominant shade when a painting is concerned; it is generated by mixing blue and yellow. Green pigments are mostly used, both in t

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