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Child Sexual Abuse In China Research Assignment (Research Paper Sample)


The paper should talk about the child sexual abuse in China.
Double spaced, Times New Roman 12-font. One source must be an article from an academic journal.


Child Sexual Abuse in China
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Child Sexual Abuse in China
When a person intentionally hurts a minor either physically, emotionally, sexually or neglects the minor to suffer, it is called child abuse and it is a crime. When the minor is subjected to sexual exploitation by the person then that is child sexual abuse. This research paper gives insight of the vice of child sexual abuse and the alarming rate in which this crime may be taking place.
Sexual abuse on children is the deliberate request, molestation or pressuring of a child by an adult or other older adolescents for sexual pleasure. This menace has in the recent past been an itching sore with its victims increasing as the clock ticks. This vice has sometimes gone unnoticed by the relevant authorities that ought to deal with its curbing.
Sexual abuse takes many forms and style in which it is carried out. The forms which sexual abuse can be instigated include being involved in a sexual encounter with a child whether with or without the child's consent, exposure of the child's genitals at whatever incident in your request of pressuring or supporting and facilitating child pornography even if the child is willing (Furniss ,2013). It can also take place in a wide variety of environment and settings which include schools, home or even in work.
The main reason that child sexual assault has been a very serious issue which seem to be unending is the presence of so many cover ups for the crime. Once the perpetrator has performed the act on their victim, the only evidence that leads and points to them is the presence of sexual fluid on the victims in case there was penetration. This is easily and completely destroyed once the victims takes a shower washing away all the evidence that could have convicted the culprits and put them behind bars. The investigations will surely show that one was sexually abused but proofing the suspect did it becomes the problem that has put many courts cases in a dilemma (Findlater, 2014). Sometimes this discourages the victims from pressing charges because there is no enough evidence that shows who the person who did was.
In recent past there has been a lot of confusion and intense discussion on where in the children handling and engagements is the child sexual abuse starts. However, through the vigorous research and the red hot discussion that have been held over the matter is now clear, though not completely on the dos and don'ts of child sexual abuse. The many court cases that have been filled on child sexual abuse scenarios have also given the public a general understanding and limits that can lead one in sexual abuse probations. This research paper will compile and analyze the current state of child sexual abuse focusing on China.
Sex being a very sensitive matter that the society considers in high regards becomes a very serious issue when the norms of sex are violated. One violating includes sexually abusing a child. Many Non-Governmental Organizations and government in China agencies have gone above the fold in their fight to curb and annihilate sexual abuse. Most of their efforts and money that have been pumped into these campaigns have born fruits and the sexual abuse on children but still more needs to be done.
Depression, excessive anxiety, stress disorder due to trauma, victimization and physical injury are some of the most common signs of sexual abuse in children. The victims of sexual assault from relatives which is incest are the most affected and causes intense post-traumatic disorders which can cause other serious mental problems.
To curb this vice, the government like the China's government should put laws and regulations and fiercely enforce them to mitigate sexual abuse in...

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