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Canada Benefits from Immigrants (Research Paper Sample)


It is an outline for final essay. Please research three or four resources for the essay because the coming up essay is depends on this outline, so please find an easy and interesting writing topic. This outline is an introduction version of the essay.


Canada Benefits from Immigrants
Institutional Affiliation
Canada Benefits from Immigrants
* Introduction
* Topic sentence
Immigration plays a significant role in the social, political, and economic aspects of Canada.
* The economy of Canada thrives on cheap and affordable labor from immigrants
* Thesis statement
Immigration has significant economic and social benefits in Canada.
* Problem Statement
There has been significant misleading information about the impact of immigrants on economies of the recipient countries. Opponents of immigration argue that immigrants steal jobs and other opportunities from locals (Amoyaw & Abada, 2016). This has forced some countries to close their borders or restrict the entry of immigrants. Canada has faced criticism for its generosity on immigrants, but it still accepts immigrants from different countries. Does Canada enjoy direct benefits from immigrants that make it impossible for the country to keep its borders open to immigrants?
* Study Objectives
* To determine the potential benefits that Canada derives from immigrants
* To explore the reasons why Canada is the best place to migrate
* To find out some of the adverse impacts of immigrants on Canada’s culture
* Research Questions
* What are the reasons that make Canada continue accepting immigrants?
* What are the social and economic impacts of immigrants to Canada?
* What are the pull factors that make people migrate to Canada?
* Does immigration have any potential adverse effects on Canada?
* Hypothesis
* The economy of Canada thrives on immigrants
* Canada exploits non-documented workers by paying them mean wages (DeVaro, 2014)
* Canada has the best social, economic, and political environment that attracts immigrants from different parts of the world
* Pull Factors for Migration to Canada
* Social benefits
* Free basic healthcare benefits (Gerami, 2017)
* Quality education
* Reach culture
* Beautiful scenic features
* Safety and Security
* Cultural diversity
* Political and religious freedom
* Economic benefits

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