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Course: YUB term 2. What is the impact of AI on e-commerce? (Research Paper Sample)


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My research question is what is the effect of AI on e-commerce ?
collect resources for the research papers using Google Scholar,, Proquest, and ( or http://www(dot)cbc(dot)ca/natureofthings/m/site)
5 resources(If possible, if one video resource is found, then only need three more sources for the rest)
I will upload my outline, please check if the idea is good for use or not, if not then don’t use this idea.
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Course: YUB term 2
Date: 2018/8/12
AI (Artificial intelligence)
What is the impact of AI on e-commerce?
In this growing technology world, AI is a common and effective strategy used by numerous businesses and organizations. AI is not a high-tech substitute for the human brain, but is used to imitate human senses. On the other hand, a powerful AI will have the ability of a human being to perceive, learn, reason, imagine and express (Greenwald, 2018). The current trend of AI can improve the efficiency of various resource consumption. The existence of AI is full of potential, the future is unpredictable and there are many surprises. It indirectly reproduces human intelligence development through machines, especially computer systems. The applications of artificial intelligence are most common in the fields of healthcare, electronic games, finance, advertising, and an automobile and so on. It has been thought that artificial intelligence has a positive effect on e-commerce. There are several online businesses such as an online grocery store, working at all hours of the day so AI on e-commerce allow online businesses to collect and analyse information in real-time. Additionally, it also allows companies to be more efficient, and to personalize the customer experience based on the knowledge of the customer. The impact of artificial intelligence on e-commerce can be viewed from the aspects of reducing labor costs, providing more personalized services, and improving the efficiency of warehousing logistics.

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