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Renewable Energy And Green Energy Analysis (Research Paper Sample)


Research Paper:
The objective of this Option 1--Research Paper is to have you present in-depth information on a topic related to energy. This paper is not a persuasive paper or first-person narrative of your actions or thoughts. Consider this a formal research paper that will help you develop an awareness of how your chosen career passion and interest relates to energy. Everything we do has a connection to energy, and we want you to explore this.
Your topic must be on energy and related to your major. Here are some questions that may help you think about energy.
I'm not very clear about the spacing of articles. There will be specific requirements in the following documents.


Renewable Energy Analysis
Student's Name
Executive summary
Renewable energy is typically utilized interchangeably with green energy whereby most consumers can purchase clean energy or establish renewable sources of energy that can assist them in the reduction of environmental consequences associated from the consumption of conventional energy such as fossil fuel in the development of lean energy resources (Practice Green health, 2018).
In healthcare, most facilities have large infrastructures in terms of their patient capacity and also the range of services provided. Such institutions have medical practitioners that operate and maintain this infrastructure (Gerwig, 2014). In the health sector, these institutions are critical since they provide numerous services from first aid to surgery, intensive care, diagnostic equipment, treatment of non-communicable diseases.
Currently, the health sectors have introduced medical equipment such as implantable medical devices that carry out proper and safe diagnostic and treatment functions of specific diseases. Most of these medical devices include pacemakers which are battery powered and therefore, patients must always schedule regular checkups to assist them with the functionalities of these medical devices.
Qudrat-Ullah, & Tsasis, (2017) stated that various health institutions have begun constructing developments while paying close attention to sustainability. They have adopted rigorous and greener planning exercises that have been considered for these new constructions of the establishment. Most of these enterprises have designed and planned their developments in such a way that they would observe climate change issues, adequate service access such as the provision and the application of renewable energy sources.
Experts have begun anticipating that the application of solar-powered medical devices in the future not only will they save patients but also provide comfort for individuals undergoing routine surgical and treatment procedures. However, practical interventions are required to develop such an effective renewable energy framework which includes sustained engagement with the policymakers and the healthcare private sector (Gerwig, 2014).
Additionally, regular evaluations and management of solar-powered device in healthcare are essential in handling the objective of healthcare. Therefore, solar energy is essential to resource management and also improvement of the level of quality is being provided by health institutions.
Introduction and background
With the increasing demand for services in healthcare, the need for reliable energy to power healthcare institutions has substantially grown. Healthcare organizations need proper energy sourcing options for their facility which includes wholesale worker agreements and also proper sustainability measure that will impact local wellness (Gerwig, 2014). Therefore, renewable energy is more important than ever in delivering quality patients services. Most of these institutions have focused on the reduction of pollution from traditional fossil fuel energy sources and also reduce the burden that such pollution causes.
Energy generation leads to the production of numerous air emissions that may have huge human health impacts. Coal-fired plants, for instance, generate carbon dioxide, sulfur oxides and also carcinogenic substances. Emissions from power plants have been associated with premature deaths and chronic illnesses which have led to an increase in emergency room admissions annually (Practice Green health, 2018).
Energy generation is also a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions which is directly associated with climate change and a various potential health im...

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