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Women involved in domestic or international terrorism (Research Paper Sample)


The research paper must be between seven and ten pages in length. The paper must include a cover page (in addition to the required number of pages in the assignment), and it must be typed in 12 point Times New Roman font. The paper must be double-spaced and have 1” margins on top and bottom as well as on each side.
For this assignment students will be required to utilize and properly cite at least five, 2014 and newer scholarly sources of information, using the APA citation format. The text may be used as a source for the paper but does not count as one of the five. This format includes both in-text citations and a reference list. Assistance with APA formatting can be found at the Purdue Owl website by following the link listed


Women Involved in Domestic or International Terrorism
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Women Involved in Domestic or International Terrorism
Terrorism is the use of threats intended to create a commotion not only to the immediate victims but also to the entire audience. The extent to which it relies on worry determines terrorism as either domestic or international. Generally, terrorism is the use of brutality to generate in the achievement of political goals. Therefore, terrorists engage in highly dramatic, violent, and high levels of attack to maintain the public necessity of fear to the intended audience. Terrorism includes a variety of activities such as hijacking, car bombings, hostage taking, kidnappings, and suicide bombings. Women are not exceptional to participate in terrorist acts to achieve their political goals. Terrorists use familiar places to destroy the normal routine of the places or regions to assert pressure on political leaders (Banks, 2019).

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