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Organized Crime Group Analysis (Research Paper Sample)

Analyze the relationship of your selected group to its past and to its current role in prohibition, drug syndicates, political corruption, and any other illicit activities. Group is MS 13 Las Ageles A) Relationship from past and present with all interventions B) Political corruption, illicit goods and services from past and present source..
ORGANISED CRIME ANALYSIS: A CASE OF MS 13 LAS AGELES Name: Course title: Instructor: Institution: Date Due: ORGANISED CRIME ANALYSIS: A CASE OF MS 13 LAS AGELES Introduction Organised crime may be defined as the involvement of individual or people in the plan and execution of criminal activities in a continuous basis. Individual criminals organise themselves and form a group to execute particular criminal activities for a certain specified period of time. In disguising themselves from the public or security agencies, these criminals use false identification so as to avoid being detected, protect their assets and in facilitating their bogus activities. This paper examines one of the organised criminal groups in USA, MS 13 Las Ageles, the paper presents the relation between its past and present role in various criminal activities. Relationship of MS 13 from past and present Perspectives Mara Salvatrucha or M13 is an internationally organised criminal gang that originates from Hispania. The gang began to show its ugly head during the 1960s and 1980's. Presently, it is estimated that the group is linked to some 130,000 to 300,000 members. These members are mainly located in such countries as Central America, Mexico, Eastern Seaboard USA AND Southern California. According to an FBI source, the group operates in about 42 American states. There are about 6,000-10-000 members in USA. It is one among the most dangerous criminal gangs in the country. The degree to which MS13 undertakes its operations could be defined as high-tech. This is because they expertly employ technology in perpetuating criminal activities. They use high scale cell phones, radios, pagers and police scanners in criminal activities such as car jacking, lockouts and so on. Practically, they harbour unique communication suites, which are perceived to have been acquired from their past training endeavo...
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