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Juvenile Delinquency and Violentization. CRIMINOLOGY ESSAY (Research Paper Sample)


Has to be involved with juveniles associated with (delinquency, well-being emotional difficulties) ⁃ MUST ENGAGE  in a body of literature ⁃ MINIMUM of 10  Sources ⁃ 12 pts, Times New Roman, Double Spaced 
Select a topic ⁃ Write hypothesis ⁃ EX: “I think parents who are in gangs will have children that are more likely to be in gang” ⁃ Prepare working bibliography 
Parts of Paper INTRODUCTION ⁃ Background information ⁃ Why is this topic irrelevant?⁃ Why are you researching it?⁃ EX: “It is important for society to understand…” ⁃ Societal implications 
LITERATURE REVIEW ⁃ What are scholars saying about the topic?⁃ Bring the works together⁃ How has this topic been  covered in the literature?⁃ What are the underlying theories?⁃ How do the articles relate to each other? ⁃ More conversational rather than personal/chronological ⁃ First sentence about an idea not an article 
THEORETICAL CONSTITUTION ⁃ This is your voice ⁃ But do not say “I think…”⁃ What are the scholars missing?⁃ What are the theories missing?⁃ From what perspective are you viewing this topic?⁃ Make an argument METHODOLOGY ⁃ How would you study or “prove” your contribution?⁃ What methods will you implore to answer your hypothesis/question?⁃ Provide a feasible outline of a study one would conduct ⁃ Be CREATIVE ⁃ METHODOLOGY should test the THEORETICAL CONSTITUTION 
CONCLUSION ⁃ Wrap it up ⁃ Begin conclusion by reiterating the problem/research area ⁃ What is the study contributing to the literature? ⁃ Where can we go from here?⁃ Other possible avenues of research/policy implications
Use google scholars Use the word “and” when relating 2 topics 


Research Paper
Student’s Name
A Research of Juvenile Delinquency among Youths in Secondary Schools in California, United States
Juvenile delinquency refers to the criminal and antisocial behaviors that are committed by people who are below 18 years of age. Once an individual becomes an adult, criminal and antisocial behaviors are referred to as crime. In other terms, criminal delinquency is the child and adolescence version of the crime. Juvenile delinquency is very important in the society because sometimes children and adolescents are committing delinquent offences which might result in violence and other forms of victimizations. In the United States, over one million children and adolescents are always arrested by police officers because of their delinquent offences. California has the highest rates of gang-related violence and homicide cases committed by youths.

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