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Emergency Management Plan For An Evacuation Shelter (Research Paper Sample)


HMSY 1470: Applied Research Project An applied research project is a specific type of research project that requires the creation, development, or improvement of a product, which has immediate applicability to Homeland Security and/or Emergency Management and is related to a strong personal or professional objective of the student. Examples include: • Development of curriculum and training packet to implement a table top or fullscale exercise • Updating an emergency operations plan of a local community or entity • Design a media kit for city official to use during a disaster • Creation of an large public awareness campaign • Volunteer training manual for all key volunteer position during an emergency in a city/county. Preferably, partner with a local agency that needs this tool. In addition to the Summary Research Paper, the applied portion of the project demonstrates your understanding of the problem and the extensive research, thought, planning, and work you contributed to creating a solution/product to the identified problem.


Ver. 1 (16 Nov 10) HMSY 1470: Final Project Proposal Guide I. Identify a problem or need. (Example: Preparedness planning organizations find it difficult to engage and assist nursing home facilities in preparedness planning due to nursing homes’ busy schedules and interest in keeping their business affairs private.) II. Single most important solution (goal) to the problem. a. What can you develop that will help address the problem? What is its purpose? • You must produce a tangible product (e.g. plan, handbook, media kit, etc.) that represents your research and findings. b. Who is the audience? c. What elements would it include? How will it help? (Example: Develop a handbook that can be distributed to nursing homes that includes templates, checklist, forms, and guidance on best practices.) III. Objectives: Specify what the project will accomplish; how will it affect the solution to the problem. (Nursing Home Handbook Examples) a. Checklist on items to include in an plan b. Include a list of regional contacts so the facility knows who to contact for resources c. Example shelter-in place plan to help prepare for emergency such as a hazmat incident that may require the facility to secure the facility and shut-down HAV-AC units to control the air quality. d. Example “Table Top” exercise to help nursing homes on the coast prepare for hurricanes IV. Pre-production strategies: List specific elements needed to complete each objective. Must include at least one source type of each: (You will need multiple of some source types.) • Interview of an individual in the field related to the selected topic • Online reference • Book, journal, magazine, or newspaper reference (Examples :) a. Interview the planner at a local nursing home about what items they would find most beneficial b. Research best practices and lesson learned c. Identify related FEMA courses that provide valuable insight and resources d. Etc…


Emergency Management Plan For An Evacuation Shelter
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Emergency Management Plan For An Evacuation Shelter
The Research Proposal
I. Problem Identification
Almost every year, different parts of the United States of America (USA) are hit by a storm or hurricane. For example, in 2005, a category five Hurricane Katrina caused deaths of about 1,833 people in Louisiana and Florida (Atkin, 2018). The storm displaced over 1 million individuals in the affected areas. During the hurricane, approximately 273,000 people sought refuge in evacuation shelters. Moreover, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) sheltered about 114,000 individuals (Plyer, 2016). In 2017, a category four Hurricane Maria occurred in Puerto Rico, killing more than 3,000 people (Sanchez, 2018). During the same period, Hurricane Irma hit Barbuda and caused deaths of 129 individuals. The county government of Florida ordered about 6.5 million people to seek refuge somewhere safe. Around 77,000 individuals were saved since they were housing in 450 shelters. Hurricane Irma destroyed communication lines and damaged approximately 90% of the structures and buildings in Barbuda (Amadeo, 2019). Furthermore, about 60% of the population in the affected region were left homeless. For this reason, to address the problem of hurricanes and other disasters, setting up a homeless shelter is the most appropriate solution.
II. The solution to the problem

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