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Future of Law Practice (Research Paper Sample)


find a law article from ABA Find, cite, and summarize keypoints of an article on futuring techniques such as environment scanning, trend analysis, Delphi, gaming, scenario, etc PLS GIVE THIS TO SOMEONE WITH LAW OR LEGAL BACKGROUND


Future of Law Practice
This is a case between a patient who was treated at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and the hospital management. The patient, who had come to the hospital to get a surgery, claims to have been assaulted sexually by one of the certified nursing assistants (Leonard & Ucar, 2014). According to the patient, this is not the first time that the patient has been assaulted sexually at the hospital and by the same assistance. In the two incidences, the cases have been reported but the hospital did not respond and act on it.
1. Environmental scanning; Relative to the case in question and the aspect of environmental scanning, there are internal factors that may influence the case (Strategic Workforce Planning | Kienco, 2015). One of the aspects is development or refinement of the standards and policies at the hospital, relative to patient safety, employees conduct and disciplinary actions against staffs. Externally, the hospital is bound to pressure from national policies that are stipulated in the nursing codes and the aspects of patient centered care. Nurses are bound to their service by codes that define their responsibilities, such making sure that they do not in any way cause harm to their patients.
2. Trend analysis; It is also crucial to note that, trends in the nursing profession are geared towards nurses taking full responsibility of their mistakes. This means that nurses can easily be sued for the gross misconduct, such as in the case presented above, where a nurse sexually abuses a patient (, 2015). Aspects such code of ethics that guide nurses in the profession are also violated in this case.
3. Delphi; Relative to the Delphi tool, it is possible that this case can be brought to book, if the patient seeks the legal advice from professionals (Ludwig, 1997). In this way, they can hold both the hospital and the nurse responsible for letting the assault take place and not take appropriate actions.
4. Gaming; When reviewing this case using the gaming tool, there are quite a number of possibilities that could result from either of the participants in the case, including the patient, their lawyer, the hospital and the accused nurse and their lawyers as well. Human rights lobby groups and the relevant government agencies could also play part in the development of the case. 5. Scenario; Relative to the many players that could be involved in this case, there are quite a number of scenarios that could take place in ...
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