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Combating Human Trafficking Through Facial Recognition Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Instructions: Paper due by the end of Module 7 (3/10/2020).
In this paper, you are to select a technology (facial recognition) you are aware of through past learning, reading about in the media or you will learn in this course. In addition, you may select any computer software or hardware system that may be of value to assist with the investigation of a case involving human trafficking.Discuss three things in your research: 1)a brief overview of the technology no verbatim cut and paste 2) how you think this technology could be of value to assist with the investigation in a case involving human trafficking 3) detail any privacy, legal or other issues that can pose as an obstacle in launching this technology for use in a trafficking in persons case
This research paper should be between 9-12 pages in length, 12 font, double spaced and contain at least 8 references, properly cited using APA or Chicago.
I have attached my abstract and basic guidelines for the topic. There are a few sources listed but not enough to meet the requirement.


Combating Human Trafficking Through Facial Recognition
Catherine Spears
University of New Haven
Trafficking in persons continues to be a growing global health issue. Often, people do not entirely understand the circumstances regarding why people become trafficking victims. Human trafficking is the exploitation of the vulnerability, which continues to thrive until organizations collaborate to combat this issue. Although there are laws in place to assist in combating trafficking in persons, it still has been difficult for law enforcement to attack the network. With technological advances, organizations can utilize biometrics to assist in combating human trafficking. This study will analyze the effectiveness of facial recognition to combat human trafficking. This specific type of biometric data can assist in identifying traffickers and victims by finally being able to put a face to a name. Findings from this study will indicate that human trafficking is an international crisis, in which laws and regulations will not be enough to combat this issue, but the use of facial recognition can aid in the combat of human trafficking.
Key Words: Facial recognition, technology, biometric data, human trafficking, combat, and airports.
Combating Human Trafficking Through Facial Recognition Technology

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