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Career Path:Criminal Investigator. Education and Aptitude Requirements (Research Paper Sample)


In preparation for completing the Career Path Project, you should have already completed the career assessment (Holland Code Career Test) during Week One.
You will now need to self-pace yourself over the next weeks in order to accomplish the following:
Consider the results of your Holland Code Career Test and what this means for you;
Explore career clusters as discussed in Chapter 12 of your text, College Success;
Undertake a web search for careers in career clusters of interest to you (see Chapter 12 for more information, as well as the results of your Holland Code Career Test);
Narrow down some possible careers;
Undertake more in-depth research on a specific career. (For example, if you think you are interested in becoming an FBI Special Agent, go directly to the FBI web-page and conduct your research.) Keep in mind that a career is not the first job you get, but the path until you get to your last job before retiring. While researching your chosen career, you will need to identify key elements including, but not limited to:
A. Education and Aptitude Requirements:
What type of college degree is required for entry into the career?
Is there a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) below which an applicant is disqualified?
Are there special requirements such as: recruitment age? physical abilities? languages other than English? other important expectations?
Is further training necessary for entry into the career (i.e.: graduate studies, professional training, boot camp, fellowship, working internship, foreign service, etc.?)
B. Earnings Potential, Career Growth, Job Security, Stability
C. Compatibility with your Values, Wishes, and other Life Goals
For your paper, you need to summarize your research findings and come to a (tentative) conclusion about whether or not the career that you have researched is a good potential fit for you. If it is, you need to include in your paper a potential plan for realizing this career to get to your final job. If the career ends up not being a particularly good fit, then that's okay, too. After all, knowing what we do not want helps us discover about what we do want! If you discovered that the career does not 'fit', include why you feel that this particular career is not a good choice and address possible alternatives.
Times New Roman font (or similar), either 11-point or 12- point, 1-inch margins all around.
Double-space the body of your paper.
Include proper in-text citations (APA or ASA format).
Include a References page (APA or ASA format).
Include a Cover Page.
Length: Within reason. It is not expected that anyone will be able to sufficiently address the topic in under two (2) pages. Most papers will be about four (4) or five (5) pages. Be complete yet concise.
I will attach my results from the (Holland Code Career Test), I would like the paper to reflect a career path towards law enforcement or Department of Defense.


Career Path
Due Date
Career Path: Criminal Investigator
The work of a criminal investigator (CI) is to assess crime scenes, question victims, witnesses, and suspected criminals. A CI will work hard to try and deduce how a crime happened, what were the motives, and the likelihood of a particular crime happening again. They will also look into the lives of the suspected criminals and assess the reasons or motives behind their actions. It is also not surprising to find Cis conducting surveillance as they try to prove their theories regarding particular people or certain criminal acts. From time to time, a CI can find himself/herself in court testifying and giving their side of the story based on the facts they gathered. Being a CI is indeed is tiresome as one is forced to work on a lot of angles and to entertain several theories and work towards the truth. Essentially, one works from the unknown to the known, and the expectation is that they will arrive at the truth. It is a job that comes with a lot of pressure but one that I believe I can handle given my experience and educational background. My goal is to help my country in my small and limited ways, and I believe that as a CI, I will be in a better position to do so.
Education and Aptitude Requirements
To work as a CI, one needs to fulfill some education and aptitude requirements. First of all, one must have completed High School. With a high school diploma, it is possible to get to the level of a CI. However, it should be noted that with a high school diploma, one will only gain access to entry-level jobs in the local or state law enforcement agencies. While at this point, one can gain experience that can be of great help as one moves from one level to the next one. The entry-level jobs prepare one for what is to come.

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