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Anthony Mcnight (Research Paper Sample)

-This paper is on a serial killer named: Anthony McKnight, here is a little info about him: Born in 1954, McKnight was a career navy man stationed at Northern California\'s Alameda Naval Air Station since 1982. He lived off-base with wife and child, making friends easily among his neighbors. Tenants of McKnight\'s apartment complex knew him as \"one of the most outgoing people\" in the building. To a man, they would be stunned by evidence connecting him with seven counts of homicide in 1985. -The paper should detail the case and how DNA found through a bodily fluid (in his case SEMEN) was used to convict him. -The paper has to be submitted to TURNITIN.COM. Please use 12-point font, double-spaced format, and 1-inch margins throughout the paper. -Two references are needed plus the book I will supply below. References cannot be a newspaper or print magazine article. -Please inclue this book as a reference: Bucholtz, A. & Lewis, J. (2008). Biological Evidence. Los Angeles, CA: LawTech Publishing. source..

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(08 October, 2010)
Anthony McKnight
This paper shall outline the details and occurrence of the case of one Anthony McKnight. The paper shall also attempt to outline how the DNA evidence of body fluid (semen) match led to the conviction of this serial killer. Anthony McKnight a humble family man and a ranked and decorated navy man who lived off base with his wife and child, he was born 1954. McKnight was stationed at Northern California's Alameda Naval Air Station after graduation on 1982 till his time of arrest on January 24, 1986. The neighbors were stunned and many just shrugged of the arrest as just mistaken identity and that McKnight would be released later. The neighbors in his duplex complex apartment where he lived knew him as a very social and outgoing person, friendly and very charismatic. The seven count of homicide which was connected with his arrest was a shock to even his wife, who described McKnight as a warm, non violent and loving husband.
McKnight Arrest
In the wake of January 24, 1986 morning the residence’s of McKnight apartment had unusual visitors in the wee hours of the morning. When McKnight opened the door there were three police officers in the door way, two of them arms resting on the gun holster the third one read out the Mirada to McKnight who calmly allowed them to handcuff him feigning mistaken identity and innocence. The charges at the time of arrest were two rape counts and four attempted murder counts these criminal incidents were dated back to the previous year (Lane & Gregg, 1991).
When McKnight was arraigned in the line of identification with other suspects, he was identified by the five rape victims. Three of the victims were prostitutes who claimed that McKnight picked them up routinely for their services, then viciously roughed them up, raped and stabbed them leaving them for the dead. These events were recorded to have transpired through the wee hours of the night of September, 16, October 31 and December 27. The other two victim’s assaults and rape ordeal occurred on the wave of January 24, 1986 which led to McKnight arrest (Territo, Et al, 2004).
The detectives investigating this case would later link the mode of slaying after raping the victim with McKnight method of execution. The victims were first viciously beaten up, raped and then stabbed severally on the back and their private parts mutilated (Lane & Gregg, 1991). The victims mutilated bodies would be then be dumped in an ally or left in a flea motel. T...
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