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ITM490 Information Technology Management Module 1 Case (Research Paper Sample)


Module 1 - Case
Videos of Interest… Something to Think About…
In this video, Michael Porter presents his new “shared value” framework to create not only economic value for corporations but also for society. He argues that organizations should begin taking the lead and adopt a modern competitive strategy to solve societal problems. Will this new business model be adaptable to an organization like Hydro-Quebec discussed in the Case Assignment?
TED Ideas Worth Spreading. (2013, June). Michael Porter: Why business can be good at solving social problems. Retrieved from
Assignment Overview
The case for this module involves Hydro-Quebec and its efforts to reorganize and restructure its IT support and management functions in line with new demands and new business models. It effectively captures the complexity of the interactions required when IT management is required to adapt creatively to changing business demands, and the enormous number of factors that need to be taken into consideration in this adaptation. It will certainly challenge your abilities to think about how new systems have to integrate with legacy systems, about the personnel and human resources issues involved, and about the changing nature of the information base in IT, from one based primarily on hardware and technical expertise to one based on software, business knowledge, and customer relationships. As we will see in future modules, technology does not go away; it just plays a different role than it did in the early days of IT management. This case is a good exposure to the new realities of IT management and the breadth of understanding of the business and its environment required of managers in this rapidly evolving world.
Case Assignment
Please read the Hydro Quebec case:
Dube, L., Bernier, C. and Roy, V. (2007) Information Resource Management at Hydro-Québec. International Journal of Case Studies in Management. 5(2):September. HEC023.
Use information from the course background readings as well as any good quality resource you can find. Please cite all sources and provide a reference list (use APA format) at the end of your paper.
Your answer to the following will be assessed:
Describe the external factors and internal factors affecting change in IT management at Hydro-Quebec.
What changes would you suggest for Hydro-Quebec and why?
Assignment Expectations
Length: Minimum 3–5 pages excluding cover page and references (since a page is about 300 words, this is approximately 900–1,500 words).


ITM490 Capstone in Information Technology Management
Student's Name
Institutional Affiliation
ITM490 Capstone in Information Technology Management
Change is inevitable. Some organizations may face change resistance from within its organization but due to the amount of external pressure, they are forced to adopt the changes in order to maintain their relevance in the market place. However, sometimes the change occurs as a result of internal forces or both external and internal factors. Due to the advancements that are being witnessed in the technological sectors, all organizations are compelled to adopt the new changes so as to improve the quality of products and services they offer to their customers and gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. With this in mind we will be assessing the internal and external factors that influenced IT management changes in Hydro-Quebec. Which is the largest energy generation and distribution company in Canada. Besides reviewing the external and internal factors that led to IT management changes in the company, I will provide few recommendations to the company on how it can improve its overall performance.
At the wake of 1990s, technology experienced some advancements that reshuffled almost everything in the world. The technological advancements brought some impacts with them to the business world, new business models emerged as a result. Those organizations that adopted these changes earlier benefitted most and those that ignored them and stuck to the old models felt the impact as well. Faced with pressure from the outside world and its customers whose desire was that their problems get solved as fast as possible and using the best expertise and low cost models. Due to these forces, Hydro-Quebec was forced to reshuffle its IT management. Due to the technological advancements in the outside world, Hydro-Quebec was forced to realign its business models to the new changes that were taking place. The new technological changes did not only change how business was being conducted but changed customer tastes and preferences. The expectations of the customers also changed, they started to expect more from the company. Therefore, these changes in customer needs and wants contributed to IT management change

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