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Article Review. Big Data and Database Technologies (Research Paper Sample)


Review Chapters 9, 11, and 13 in the Kroenke textbook and read the three following articles (see attachments).
1. Big Data Platforms: What’s Next?
2. Peregrine: Low Latency Queries on Hive Warehouse Data
3. Interactive Analysis of Big Data
Based on your review and reading, write a short essay on Big Data and Database Technologies. In your essay, you should briefly discuss the issues of managing (large) multiuser (enterprise) databases (Chapter 9), database technologies in a web environment (Chapter 11), and business intelligence and data warehouses (Chapter 13). You should also define big data and why it is important for business executives and IT professionals to understand. Finally, compare and contrast the new technologies that you learned about in IS 360 with the big data technologies discussed in the three articles. Discuss the challenges that these technologies may present to prospective database professionals.
Your paper should be between 2000 and 3000 words (6 to 10 pages, Times New Roman font, 1” margins, space and a half spacing.)
Students will write critical reviews of three articles that will be provided by the instructor. The first article will discuss a topic related to the administration of large multiuser databases. The second article will cover a topic related to databases and web applications. The third article will deal with a topic related to data warehouses and business intelligence applications.
See attachment for more detailed instructions.
-- I have attached the 3 documents


Big Data and Database Technologies
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Big Data and Database Technologies
In recent decades, the amount of data that is available has grown tremendously, including in electronic form. Nonetheless, extracting meaning and important insights from that data, as well as converting knowledge into action, remains a challenge. Despite these challenges, big data has a massive potential to radically change the way organizations conduct businesses and use their data. Big data and database technologies remain critical in shaping the running of businesses and particularly significant for business executives and IT professionals to understand their application and management in a business environment. Multiuser databases, for instance, add monumental value to companies that create and utilize them. Databases are critical elements of organizational operations and also pivotal component of a company’s value. In database management, certain techniques and operational plans have to be made on time. For instance, in case of database failures and disasters, effective backup and recovery plans, techniques, and procedures are critical. Overall, big data creates a potential to develop data-driven companies that collect, store and analyze data for enhancing organizational performance, productivity and profitability as well as resolve challenges and develop innovative solutions.

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